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WhatsApp will add the new audio chat function to compete with Discord

WhatsApp will soon allow you to edit messages, as reported by the company through its social networks. This new functionality will have a limited time to be used.

In a video of just 18 seconds that they have made official through their Twitter account, the new function of editing messages with texts with errors written in various languages ​​and that are being modified is presented.

18 second video

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The audio is first recorded on a platform and then exported to WhatsApp

The user will have a maximum of 15 minutes to change any text. This time is so limited because WhatsApp does not want to induce conversations to be manipulated, but instead the tool serves to correct misspellings, typographical errors or poorly expressed phrases.

The ability to edit messages will be available in both individual and group chats, but in both cases the change will be reflected, and it will not be possible to recover the original message.

This function is one of the many novelties that will arrive soon to WhatsApp. Among other things, audio notes that can only be heard once, temporary use groups or the ability to send up to 100 photos at a time are expected.

As WhatsApp announces in the video that it has shared on its networks, the new message editing function will arrive soon, leaving behind those times when there was no going back with the messages that were sent, something that was minimally solved with the option deletion.

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