What violates the Instagram Community Guidelines?

The Instagram Community Directives are a set of rules about what cannot be published on the social network. The document addresses issues such as spam, intellectual property, nudity, hate speech and other topics that violate the platform’s guidelines.

The objective of Instagram Community Directors is to keep users safe and in a respectful environment. Therefore, these rules defined by the social network must be followed by all people.

By violating the community directives, a user may have the content excluded or even disabled, depending on the severity or history of the violation.

To follow, confirm or violate the Instagram Community Guidelines:

1. Avoid posting content protected by copyright

The Instagram Community Directors recommend the publication of “authentic content”. Therefore, you should not post photos and videos protected by copyright or other users’ rights without authorization. In these cases, you may be punished for infringing intellectual property rights.

2. Avoid spam and inappropriate behavior on Instagram

Instagram directories do not approve spam behavior, such as making repeated comments or curtailing several posts in a short space of time. Also avoid sending messages and comments for commercial purposes to social network users without their permission.

Prints of the Instagram application show examples of spam in the comments
Spam our comments can be rendered (Image: Lupa Charleux/The USA Print)

3. Avoid purchases from followers or giveaways in tanned goods

You may infringe the Community Directives to obtain tanned, followers or compartmentalization in an artificial manner, such as the purchase of followers. It is not tolerated to offer money or offer money in exchange for any form of engajamento.

4. Be careful with nude photos and videos on Instagram

The Instagram rule prohibits nude images, including artistic or creative representations. Digitally generated designs depicting sexual relationships, genital organs and bodies are also not permitted.

Images of female mammals are authorized in certain contexts. For example, content on breastfeeding, childbirth, postpartum and other health-related materials (breast cancer awareness campaigns).

Instagram informs you that photos and videos of partially or completely new children can be removed from the social network without notice. This is for security reasons, preventing malicious users from using the material for other purposes.

Prints from the Instagram application show examples of sensual designs that can be barred from the social network
Illustrations that represent sexual relationships can also violate Instagram rules (Image: Lupa Charleux/The USA Print)

5. Do not pass by another person or brand

These accounts on Instagram cannot be used to pretend to be other people or brands with the intention of deceiving users. Since the social network does not require the use of the real name, the platform director requests that people provide real and updated information.

O Instagram allows you to create accounts dedicated to celebrities, public figures, brands or organizations. Meanwhile, it is essential to affirm in the description that it is a profile of supporters or supporters and without a connection with a people, brand or organization honored.

6. Be attentive to the use of third-party applications

Instagram may interpret the use of third-party applications as a violation of Community Directorates. Non-authentic activities carried out by these softwares, such as accessing or blocking your profile, are only seen as a risk to user account security.

7. Pay attention to sensitive content on Instagram

As Instagram rules do not allow profiles and posts that encourage self-mutilation and self-flagelação. These materials will be removed in the event of complaints and, if new occurrences occur, they may be deactivated. The social network also removes publications with theories of attack or humor that identify victims or survivors of self-mutilation.

Printing the Instagram application shows messages to search for content on self-mutilation
Instagram displays a message of awareness if people search for self-mutilation content (Image: Lupa Charleux/The USA Print)

8. Do not post misinformation and hate speech on Instagram

Instagram directives are strict on posts that spread misinformation and hate speech. These contents will be removed from the social network, as well as posts containing:

  • “Prohibited” words and hashtags;
  • Attacks and direct attacks on people with the intention of degrading and alienating;
  • Videos with images of intense and/or explicit violence;
  • Incentive violence or attacks on people and groups based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, deficiencies or disabilities.

9. Be careful with “zero tolerance” issues

Instagram will have “zero tolerance” for certain content published on the platform. In these cases, violating the guidelines of the social network will be automatically disabled. Therefore, do not make publications with the following topics:

  • Exaltation of terrorism, organized crime or hate propagation groups;
  • Offers of sexual services;
  • Sexual contents with minors of idade;
  • Ameaças de dissemination of intimate images of other people (Sextorção);
  • Purchase and sale of live animals and species hunted among users;
  • Trade, buy and sell firearms, alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco among users.

What happens if you don’t follow the Instagram Community Directories?

Instagram notifies the user if there is a publication, information in bio or behavior related to the Community Directorates. As for people, do not edit or post your profile details to adapt to the rules, or the scope of the link will be reduced. If there are no alterations, the social network can throw away its content.

If you continue to violate Instagram rules, some functions will be disabled. The user will not be able to view, follow, comment or make live transmissions. Also, the profile will not be displayed to any followers in the social network search and in the recommendations area.

There have been no changes in behavior after being restricted, or Instagram may suspend your access temporarily or, in more serious situations, permanently. People may also be prohibited from creating other accounts on Instagram using the same email.

What to do if you see some content that violates the Community Directives of Instagram?

You can report your content to Instagram when you find something that violates the Community Directives. It is important to say that nothing will happen as a profile or post immediately. The complaint will be reviewed by the social network team that will make a decision regarding the violation.

In what cases does Instagram allow you to violate Community Directives?

Instagram allows content that violates Community Directives if they are intended for public awareness. For example, images of female breasts in breast cancer campaigns. The platform always guarantees the interest value of the content and risk of harm to users.

Do you know if there are violations in the Directories of the Instagram Community?

You can check the account status of Instagram to know if Instagram’s Directives have been violated. The space in the app for Android and iPhone informs as to the reasons why the contents have been removed, because your profile cannot be recommended for non-followers and whose resources are restricted by not following the Instagram rules.

What to do if you violate the Directories of the Instagram Community?

Avalie as information from Instagram notification regarding violation and face as requested alterations in profile/publication or mute your behavior within the social network. Discordant case of the Instagram decision, you have the option to request a review of the rape case.

What is the difference between Community Directories and Instagram Terms of Use?

The Community Directorates of Instagram are a set of rules that determine that people cannot use the social network. The Usage Terms are a set of obligations for the platform as the user and the platform as the users. Among them, for example, is following the directions.

What violates the Diretrizes da Comunidade do Instagram?

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