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Baby swimmers just have to watch out! Baby-gym and baby-climbing are gaining more and more followers among the little ones and their parents.

Develop your motor skills at the baby-gym

For thirty years, the French Gymnastics Federation (FFG) has offered baby-gym sessions in its clubs. More than 400 structures are now labeled “Early Childhood”.

Gym from 2 years old

Open from the age of two and up to six yearsthis activity allows children to discover a new play environment.

“Parents or a family member accompany them, but they must not do anything for them. This is the best way for toddlers develop their autonomytheir psychomotricity and learn to socialize in contact with their comrades”, underlines Cathy Goury, federal referent of the baby-gym at the FFG.

Three types of activities offered

The session, scheduled once a week, does not last more than 45 minutes. Three types of activities are offered:

  • a “handling” activity around community games, rounds, or even memorization exercises
  • general motor activity with playful routes, tunnels and trampoline sessions
  • fine motor activityincluding games of balls, hoops and mimes for the older ones.

Become familiar with the correct postures

Where to practice the baby-gym?

To find the FFG approved “Early Childhood” sports center closest to your home, consult the FFG website. On average, count 100 to 200 euros registration year-round for the baby-gym activity. Be aware that there are also private centers throughout France

Reach heights thanks to climbing lessons with baby climbers

Long reserved for children between seven and nine years old, climbing has recently opened up to a new public: three to six years old.

Structures up to 2.40 m from the ground

During the climbing course, toddlers learn in the form of games and courses by progressing up, down, crossing. They have fun hanging, jumping and confiding in the material.

“Structures are twenty or thirty centimeters from the ground at first. For the most resourceful, they can reach up to two meters forty in height. We don’t go beyond that, the goal is that they can jump to land well on floor mats“, explains Thierry Viens, member of the national climbing technical commission at the French Federation of Mountains and Climbing (FFME).

A way to gain self-confidence

In this way, the children gain self-confidence, discover that they can show grit and tenacity.

“The animators teach them never to be caught off guard when faced with a situation. The parents are there to support them and we ensure that they do not put the unnecessary pressure of performance on the backs of their children” , concludes the climbing enthusiast.

Where to practice baby climbing?

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