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What is the Eurovision Big Five?



Everything is ready for Eurovision 2023. The participants are in Liverpool and they have begun to do the first tests for the first semifinal and the second semifinal. With the first videos and images circulating, bets are high as to who may be the next winner of the contest.

However, before the appointment with the Song Festival, there are some mechanisms that Eurovision has and that it is important to remember. For example, many are interested in knowing what is the voting process and how can you vote for your favorite song in the grand finale. Others prefer to know all the details about this event and how it works.

One of the big questions that always arise when the festival approaches is what is the big five the one that eurofans talk about. It is one of the most used terms these days that can be heard on social networks. It will sound familiar to many because Spain is one of the privileged countries that are in this group and that benefits from all the advantages it offers. But what is its story? What are the advantages of being part of the Big Five? At Vozpópuli we explain all the details about this term.

History of the Eurovision Big Five

He big five refers to the five countries that contribute the most economically to the broadcast of Eurovision, more specifically to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The idea arose in 1996 from the hand of Germany, which was one of the countries that contributed the most. That year he was eliminated in the semifinals and the opportunity to participate in the final was lost.

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His absence generated negative monetary results and the EBU was forced to find a solution to allow his presence at the final gala. In this way, the decision was made that all the countries that contribute the most money to the EBU in general, not only for the organization of the festival, would have the benefit of reaching the grand final.

At first, when it was established, it was known as the Big Four because Italy was absent from the festival from 2000 to 2010. On many occasions they have been planted the possibility of increasing the number of countries that make up the Big Five. Some of those who have ballots are Türkiye and Russia. Despite this, it has not fully established itself after the director of Turkey’s national television made homophobic comments against Conchita Wurst and after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Countries and operation of the Big Five

The group of countries that are part of the Big Five are the following: Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. These countries always go straight to the Eurovision final, so they save having to perform in the semifinals. Them, the host country is added, that is, the country that wins the festival in the previous edition. This year Ukraine has the privilege to win in 2022 with the song Stefania.

Many believe that the Big Five is made up of those countries that started and founded the Eurovision Song Contest, but this is not the case. This is a version that is very far from reality because, for example, if it were so Spain would not be within this select group. Our country joined the song contest in 1961 and the contest premiered for the first time in 1956 in Switzerland. In this first edition participated France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourgthat is, only two of those who currently make up the Big Five.

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