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What is the channel functionality just announced by Instagram?

The only constant is change. Heraclitus of Ephesus said it in the year 540 BC and it is still evident today. This is how social networks have internalized it, which have become platforms where novelties do not stop happening, with the aim of attracting more users, retaining those already present and, incidentally, increasing their profits.

For example, the changes that we constantly see on Instagram implemented by its Meta matrix. Although many of the features that this social network launches are new and innovative, others are undoubtedly reminiscent of options already available on other platforms. This is the case of the channels that Instagram has just introduced, which are very similar to those available on Telegram.

What is the Instagram channels functionality

On February 16, Meta announced the implementation of streaming channels on Instagram. They introduced it as a new way for creators to deepen their connections with creators. Mark Zuckerberg himself was in charge of launching this new functionality, through his own channel “Meta Channel”.

It is a messaging tool that allows content creators on the social network to share one-way information with their followers. Something like a massive chat in which only the creator can publish, be it text, audio, photos or videos. In this sense, the only thing that the rest of the members of the channel can do is react to the creator’s publications, as well as respond to the surveys raised by him.

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Meta has launched the channels as a trial for certain creators in the United States, which will be progressively available to the rest of the users in that country. Later, it will expand to the rest of the countries where Instagram operates. Other features will also be added to streaming channels later, such as the ability to invite another creator to discuss collaborations.

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How Instagram Streaming Channels Work

When a creator has this feature, they will be able to access streaming channels and send a first message from their Instagram inbox. At that time, your followers will receive a single notification to join the channel. Everyone will be able to see your content, but only those who join will receive notifications of channel updates.

Channels are a means of communication between creators and users.

Channels are a more direct means of communication between creators and users.


Once they have added the channel in question to their application inbox, it will appear among the rest of their private messages and the notifications will work like any other chat, being able to deactivate them, limit them to a few messages or receive one every time there are new ones. content updates on the channel.

Followers can leave the channel at any time. For their part, creators will be able to share the option to join their channel in their stories as many times as they want, or through a link posted on their profile.

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