What is Apache server and what is Apache server importance?

Apache is one of the largest web servers in the world. It is used by giants such as Netflix, Microsoft, Adobe, PayPal, LinkedIn and Facebook. Butwhat is apache server and what is hidden behind its success? Keep reading and find out!

What is Apache server?

Apache is a web server that is responsible for storing, processing and serving web pages to their users. It is distributed under an open source license, which means that it is free and easily adaptable, customizable and reusable.

Created by American software developer Robert McCool in 1995, it is considered one of the technologies that fueled the initial growth of the Internet.

Since then, it is offered by the Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit organization that is responsible for overseeing the community of users who develop and maintain it.

The origin of his name

One of the most widespread theories says that Apache gets its name from its development history and improvement process through patches and applied modules. This is because, in English, patchyserver (a “patched” server) sounds the same as Apache Server.

However, it was revealed that the name was chosen with the intention of showing respect to the Apache Native American Indian tribe, known for their strategic war skills and amazing resilience.

Evolution of your market share

In 1996, just a year after its launch, Apache became the most used web server. Its popularity grew until it reached its maximum market share in 2005, when it was used by 70% of websites.

However, this percentage decreased over the years, while Ngnix, another web server, grew strongly. While Apache continues to set trends in the West and Japan, Ngnix is ​​a leader in countries such as China and Russia, its home market.

Currently, according to W3TechsApache accounts for about a third of global web server usage, and is in second place (behind Ngnix) by one or two percentage points.

What is the Apache server for?

Explained what is apache server, it is important that you keep in mind that it is not a physical server, but rather software that runs on an HTTP server. This so that you do not have any confusion before reading everything we are about to tell you.

Apache’s function is to serve as a link between the server and the website’s users’ browsers, such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, while exchanging information between them.

This process is what is known as the client-server architecture, which is characterized, among other things, by its centralization and scalability.

How does Apache server work?

When a user wants to access content on a web page, for example, the home section or a contact form, their browser sends this request to the server and Apache is responsible for responding with the corresponding files (text or images).

When the web server must handle many requests simultaneously, which involves processing files written in different programming languages ​​at the same time, it uses its ability to convert them into static HTML files before sending them to each browser.

On the other hand, if the page does not exist (error 404), or if another type of error occurs (for example, 503, which indicates that the server is not available at that time), the user will also receive a response indicating what the error is. the problem.

In this way, the server and the client communicate through the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and Apache acts as the medium responsible for ensuring that this communication is fluid and secure, thus contributing to web optimization. .

The keys to your success

Apache stands out, among other things, for its open source infrastructure. Because of this, web developers and users can adapt their source code and customize it according to the type of website they are creating.

Additionally, this server has a large number of modules that allow its administrators to enable and disable additional functionality, such as controlling server access and misspelled URL requests, caching, user authentication, and other features.

Why use Apache server?

Finally, let’s review some of its main advantages below. Come on!


Being one of the most used servers for more than 25 years, Apache has the support of a very large community that works to solve errors immediately and keep it in constant development.

Multi platform

Apache is compatible with various operating systems. It executes in:

  • Windows NT;
  • Unix;
  • Linux;
  • MacOS, among others.

Additionally, Apache has the ability to support programming languages ​​such as PHP, JavaScript and Python.


Its installation and configuration is one of the simplest within the range of web servers.


Apache has authorization and authentication modules and access control functions. Likewise, it is compatible with SSL/TLS protocols that are used to encrypt information between two points.


Many websites can use Apache because it provides a flexible closure environment that allows you to operate as needed. Two Apache web servers can be very different from each other, and that is necessary for websites to be unique.

We’ve reached the end!

Now that you know what is apache serverhow it works and how important it is for the existence of the Internet as we know it, surely the world of web development and programming languages ​​is drawing your attention more.

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