What is a Social Media Manager?

What is a Social Media Manager?

In today's blog post we will talk about the meaning of the SMM, that is, the figure of the Social Media Manager in the company, what its functions are, and what types of Social Media Manager.

What is a social media manager?

The main task as a social media manager is to supervise the social media marketing team to attract traffic and attract customers. Depending on the size of the company, you will have to work with a large or small marketing team to manage social media marketing campaigns.

The main function of a Social Media Manager will be to develop strategies for the company's different social media platforms and supervise their effective execution. You'll also need to monitor the performance of each profile by tracking to determine engagement rates.

Social media managers may work internally for a single company and handle all corporate social media marketing. Some Social Media Managers can manage the marketing of several clients. In this case, they will not only have to create strategies approved by their client but will also assume functions such as generating ideas, supervising and reporting to the company periodically.

What are the functions of the Social Media Manager?

Social Media Manager figures are versatile profiles that adapt to change easily, at the same time they require high leadership and organization skills. Some of the main functions of a social media manager are the following:

  • Conduct social media audits: As a social media manager, the Social Media Manager keeps track of the social media pages your company manages and reviews their performance regularly to be able to make reports or pivot the strategy if necessary. On the other hand, you will also have to compare performance between competing platforms. A social media audit determines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats.
  • Plan and develop a strategy for social networks: It is important to determine objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. It is also advisable to launch new campaigns or contests to create buzz around your brand or the launch of a product. Maintaining that hype will create that expectation so that the audience is attentive and returns to your profile from time to time to find out the news.
  • Track key performance indicators: As a social media manager, you will need to establish performance indicators that help you track your company's social media goals and progress. If one of your goals is to increase the number of followers, you must ensure that the audience grows constantly and organically. You can do this by increasing activities such as contests and competitions that require users to subscribe or follow the page to participate.
  • Report social media metrics to stakeholders: You will have to communicate the social media strategy to customers or company management. It is also your role to document the company's successes and challenges in achieving objectives.
  • Development of content strategies: you will participate in the generation of ideas for campaigns and content on social networks. Your job will be to align content and social media posts with the company's marketing strategies and objectives. You will also create engaging content ideas and oversee the creation of visual content such as graphics and images, although this is not always necessary as there are often other profiles responsible for this task.

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Differences between Social Media Manager and Community Manager

Community Manager:

  • Community Management: It is focused on direct interaction with the audience on social networks and other platforms. Your main task is to build, maintain and nurture strong relationships with the community of followers.
  • Interaction and engagement: Respond to comments, questions and messages from the audience. Encourage participation, organize contests, surveys and promote interaction between users.
  • Content development: Create and share relevant and engaging content for your audience. Its objective is to generate interest, participation and interaction among followers.
  • Monitoring and analysis: Track metrics such as engagement, reach, and brand mentions to evaluate performance and adjust strategy accordingly.

Social Media Manager:

  • Strategy and planning: Design the general strategy on social networks for the brand or company. Define objectives, audiences, communication channels and tone of voice. He is responsible for creating the plan.
  • Multiple platform management: Monitors and manages the presence on various social networks and coordinates the publication of content and campaigns on these channels. In this case he will not be in charge of publishing but rather supervising that everything is published effectively.
  • Advertising and budget: Work on the implementation of advertising strategies on social networks and manage the budget allocated for ads.
  • Analytics and reporting: Perform detailed data analysis to evaluate the performance of social media strategies. Reports with key metrics and proposes improvements based on the results.

In summary, while the Community Manager focuses more on direct interaction with the audience and the creation of content to create interaction with followers, the Social Media Manager has a more strategic and planning vision, working on the general plan of the presence on social networks and the implementation of strategies to meet the brand's objectives.

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