What is a “prompt” and why is everyone talking about them? | The USA Print

What is a "prompt" and why is everyone talking about them?

What is a "prompt" and why is everyone talking about them? | The USA Print

If we had to point out a technological innovation that has revolutionized 2023, it would undoubtedly be artificial intelligence. Although it has not emerged this year, it has expanded and become enormously popular thanks to the advances that have emerged in this field, especially in terms of generative artificial intelligence.

Specifically, the rise of tools that use chatbot as ChatGPT has caused unprecedented disruption and is on everyone’s lips. Along with this trend, we are also increasingly hearing other concepts associated with it, such as the “prompt”. This term is on everyone’s lips and it is not surprising, since it is the key to the success of the results we obtain when we use generative artificial intelligence systems.

What is a prompt?

First of all, it should be noted that “prompts” are nothing new, but have been used in computing for a long time. If they are so popular now, it is because they are a fundamental piece for the management of tools like ChatGPT and similar.

A “prompt” is an instruction, an order or a question that we ask a technological system, such as ChatGPT, Siri or Alexa, so that it responds or does what we are asking. It is the method by which humans communicate with the machine so that it executes our request or provides us with the information we need.

So, asking Alexa what the weather is like today or asking Siri to activate an alarm on your phone are simple examples of “prompt”. Moving on to generative artificial intelligence systems, a “prompt” is the phrase, request or question that you write in ChatGPT for it to respond to you or what you ask Midjourney to generate an image according to the description of your “prompt”. .

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The more precise, detailed, clear and explicit the prompt is, the more likely it is that the results obtained will be satisfactory. For example, asking ChatGPT to summarize the plot of a movie is not the same as specifying that you need that summary to occupy a specific number of words and to mention other works in which the actors have appeared.

In this regard, there is already the profession of the “prompt engineer”, engineers who are experts in the generation and development of “prompts” for communication with intelligent systems without using code. Without a doubt, a profession that will increasingly have greater demand in the world of work given the promising advance of artificial intelligence.

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