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"What if we made each city have its color?"

The experience of attending a concert by your favorite artist or group has changed significantly in recent years. In addition to trying to buy a ticket right away, it is now also necessary to think about how to dress to match the rest of the attendees and thus join a stylistic revolution that has been seen in the shows of Harry Styles or Beyoncé.

The interpreter of crazy in loveas part of his tour Renaissance World Tour, has asked his millions of fans to wear silver clothing, a tone that marks the aesthetics of his seventh studio album. More striking is the proposal on the tour Love on Tour of Styles, where his fans wear designs in bright colors, boas or hats that follow the British style.

The last artist to impose a dress code In her concerts it has been Aitana, who has announced on networks how her Spanish followers should dress on her tour Alpha Tour which starts next October 1. “I’ve been thinking, why don’t we put a dress code for Alpha Tour? But not for everyone the same. What if we make each city have its color? There are seven cities and coincidentally Alpha It has seven colors,” he explained on his TikTok profile.

List of colors for Aitana's shows in Spain

List of colors for Aitana’s shows in Spain

Instagram @aitanax

After holding a draw, the Catalan singer details that the colors have been distributed as follows: fuchsia for her show in Valencia (October 1); green for Malaga (October 7); white for Barcelona (October 12 and 13); orange for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (October 20); blue for Seville (October 28); black for Bilbao (November 1), and lilac for Madrid (November 6 and 7 and December 5).

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Aitana suggests that attendees at her Barcelona concert mix white and silver

Aitana suggests that attendees at her Barcelona concert mix white and silver

TikTok @holaitana

Visibly excited to start this tour that her fans have been waiting for, the 24-year-old shows several proposed looks so that her followers can take note. She recommends that for her concerts in Barcelona, ​​white and silver designs be combined, the latter a tone that has a lot of prominence in her new electronic album that will go on sale this coming Friday, September 22. It is also worth noting that metallic designs are one of the big trends of the season.

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She also confesses that black is her favorite color and warns that these seven tones do not have to be present in clothing, but can be played with accessories or even with makeup, with creative eyeliners or eye shadows that provide light to the eye.

Aitana's total blue look proposal for her concert in Seville

Aitana’s total blue look proposal for her concert in Seville

TikTok @holaitana