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What does the bag of gifts of the nominees for the Oscar Awards have?


This weekend the Oscars 2023. The 2023 Oscar nominees finalize all the details to parade this Sunday, March 12, on the champagne carpet. One of the secrets that many movie lovers don’t know is what the famous ‘gift bag’ contains, that is, the bag of gifts that the candidates for the statuette receive (it is not mandatory to accept it).

This bag of gifts for the nominees is very complete. It is valued at nothing more and nothing less than $126,000. The bag is received by all those who are candidates for these categories: best actress, best actor, best supporting act, best supporting actress and best direction. It is an initiative created by the company Sultan of Swagindependent to the Film Academy.

A luxurious gift bag

The Oscars candidates who receive the bag this year will find a lot with jewelry, experiences, technology or travel, among other surprises. One of the most exclusive gifts they will receive, valued at $40,000, is being able to travel to Canada for three days, stay in a luxurious mansion and have two cars at their disposal: a 965 Shelby AC Cobra 427 Roadster and a 2023 McLaren Artura.

Another trip that the bag has is for seven people. Each nominee may travel with a companion to the Punta Imperatore lighthouse in Naples. The getaway includes Vespa rides along the coast and trips to Capri on a yacht.

is also included an 18 carat gold bracelet with precious stones and diamonds valued at $1,200.

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Nominees have the option of making a reform of your house thanks to Maison Construction. Included in the goodie bag is this gift with a budget of $25,000.

plastic surgery included

The goodie bag also includes plastic surgery thanks to Dr. Thomas. It is valued at $12,000. If the candidates want to become a hair restoration treatment they will also be able to do it with Alan J. Bauman.

In addition, it is possible to undergo a facial rejuvenation treatment with radiofrequency and Oxigentix microneedles which is valued at $12,000, and another with Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich where you can do a chemical peel, for example.

With a value of 1,800 dollars, it is included in the goodie bag a voucher to do analysis and tests in the Knowing lab.

more affordable gifts

In the bag have also been included other gifts that are more affordable, for example, a loaf of Japanese sliced ​​bread for 18 euros or a package of chocolates for 13 dollars. Among the gifts is also a PETA organization travel pillow which carries a message: “Stop monkey imports to lab”, vindicating the importation of monkeys in the laboratories.

And finally, the nominees who accept the goodie bag can own a part of Australia which is valued at $425.