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Email, electronic ID, smartphone payments, applications for managing administrative procedures… The digitized world in which we currently live requires extensive technological knowledge to be able to function fluently in day-to-day tasks. With the voracity with which new apps are launched on the market or office programs are updated, it is necessary to have basic digital skills to be able to respond to any management digitally. However, according to the monographic ‘Digital Competences’ of the National Observatory for Technology and Society (Ontsi), a consultative body of the entity Red.es, only “64% of the Spanish population has basic digital competences”. Following this study, it is expected that by 2030, 80% of Spaniards will have basic digital notions.

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What is meant by digital competence? The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the Government define as digital competence all that “creative, critical and safe use of information and communication technologies to achieve objectives related to work, employability, learning, the use of free time, inclusion and participation in society” . In other words, all that knowledge that allows us not only to know how digital tools work, but also to have critical and responsible knowledge.

What are the basic digital skills?

The report DigComp 2.0: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens of the European Commission groups the digital skills that Europeans should have into five groups

Information and data


Having the ability to filter the huge amount of data that we find in the cloud as well as being able to manage and administer it.

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Being able to elaborate and share information through digital media.

content creation


The way we create content in the digital world depends on the medium and the channel. Have the ability to create content and edit it, be it text, image, video, etc.



Have the basic knowledge to protect our data on the internet as well as our electronic devices. For example, knowing what privacy policies are in force or what it means to accept or not cookies from web pages. At this point, knowledge about the environmental impact of our electronic devices is valued.

Solve problems


Are you able to solve technical problems in the cloud? Can you identify the technical needs that your devices may require? In addition, this report points out the importance of being updated according to technological trends.

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