“We create immersive and interactive environments for the rehabilitation of neurological conditions” | The USA Print

“We create immersive and interactive environments for the rehabilitation of neurological conditions”

Eodyne has created the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS) technology, a novel, science-based approach to neurorehabilitation that can be used on PCs, smartphones and virtual reality goggles, to help stroke patients regain motor function and cognitive.

How does your Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS) technology work?

Eodyne solutions are based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology to create immersive and interactive environments where patients with neurological conditions can perform therapeutic exercises in a fun and engaging way.

Eodyne technologies are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and facilitate the patient’s clinical journey to recovery by personalizing therapy and providing feedback and real-time data, making it easy for therapists to monitor and adjust their treatment program.

Eodyne technologies are AI-based and facilitate the patient’s clinical journey to recovery

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What are the advantages of using Eodyne technology compared to traditional rehabilitation methods?

Some of the advantages include:


Better outcomes: Clinical validation studies have shown that RGS-based treatment can lead to better outcomes for stroke and pain patients


Increased Engagement and Motivation: With state-of-the-art VR and AR apps we make rehabilitation programs more enjoyable and engaging, which can lead to higher levels of adherence and better outcomes.​


Customizable and Adaptable – Eodyne technologies allow therapists to personalize and adjust programs to fit each patient’s needs and abilities.


Greater accessibility: Our technologies allow patients to perform therapeutic exercises from home, especially beneficial for people with limited mobility.


Reduced costs: it does not require particularly expensive hardware.


Clinical validation: RGS technology is clinically validated.

Where is your technology already being used?

Eodyne’s main product, RGSclinic, is used throughout Europe and in Spain in public hospitals such as Vall d’Hebron, La Esperanza, Sant Joan de Déu, Joan XXIII, IRF La Salle and Asepeyo in Madrid, as well as in the association of ADACEN patients in Pamplona.

Eodyne is also developing a version of RGS for use with critically ill patients in the ICU in collaboration with the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT), and we are finalizing a ‘randomized’ clinical trial for the validation of the RGS system at home of stroke patients in European hospitals in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Spain.

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