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Do you often eat watercress? Maybe not. However, this recent American study could well make you change your mind. American researchers from William Paterson University in New Jersey have discovered that this vegetable herb is truly excellent for your health. The findings of this study were published in the scientific journal Preventing Chronic Disease.

Rich in calcium, copper, vitamin Cwatercress also has an interest antioxidant. With a perfect score of 100/100, it tops this ranking and exceeds the other fruits and vegetables analyzed by researchers as relayed in France GQ. In total, the scientific team analyzed and compared the data of 41 foods according to the frequency of the 17 essential nutrients. Regarding watercress, it provides 100% of the body’s recommended intake for only 100 kcal.

essential fatty acids

“The results [de l’étude] can help consumers focus on their daily energy needs and find out how they can best extract most of the nutrients from their food”, underlines Professor Di Noia. Before adding: “The ranking sheds light on nutritional quality of different foods and can help to choose the most nutritionally rich products within the group of superfoods”.

Another good point for watercress, the garden cress seeds are edible and are rich in minerals. They also contain many essential fatty acids.

A downside, however, the presence of vitamin K must be taken into consideration by patients taking anticoagulant drugs.

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