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La demandante dice que Walmart está engañando a los consumidores al hacerles creer que sus productos son ecológicos y sostenibles.

The plaintiff says that Walmart is misleading consumers into believing that its products are green and sustainable.

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Walmart is being sued by a customer named Grace Toledo for allegedly promoting and selling T-shirts, bras, blankets, and pillows as products made from 100% natural bamboo fibers.when in reality it appears not to be so.

The lawsuit mentions several specific products that Walmart and its affiliated chain Sam’s Club are alleged to have sold both in their physical stores and online with allegedly misleading labeling. These products are:

–Ottomanson Bamboo Luxury bath towel set
–Sweet Home Collection 1800 Series Deep Pocket Bamboo Sheet Set, 4-Piece Set
–Bamboo cooling blanket
–LUXE Life 100% organic bamboo wipes for babies and adults
–Sweet Home Collection Bamboo Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Pillow
–Home Trends 300 Thread Count Bamboo Sheets
–Serenity Organic Self-Cooling Luxury Bamboo Duvet
–Juniors Eco-Friendly Stripe T-shirt

The Toledo lawsuit says these products are not actually 100% bamboo, but rather a type of fiber regenerated from cellulose..

“Manufacturers can use many different plants as cellulose precursors to make rayon, including cotton linters (short cotton fibers), wood pulp and bamboo,” Toledo said, according to Best Life.

“Regardless of the source of the cellulose, the manufacturing process involves the use of hazardous chemicals and the resulting fiber is rayon, not cotton, not wood or bamboo fiber.”

Toledo says Walmart is misleading consumers into believing its products are green and sustainable in order to get more profit.

Toledo also said he bought a pillow purportedly made of bamboo at a Walmart in Massachusetts. However, he later discovered that the pillow was actually made of rayon.

Toledo said he would not have bought the product or would have paid much less. to have known that the product was not made of bamboo fibers.

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