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EE.UU. ha negado enfáticamente las acusaciones recibidas por Gershkovich.

The US has emphatically denied the accusations received by Gershkovich.

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Wall Street Journal correspondent Evan Gershkovich, who is under arrest by Russian authorities, was formally charged with spying on Russia, according to the country’s media.

According to Reuters, the local media Interfax, citing a source, assured that Gershkovich, 29, was accused of espionage.

“He categorically denied all the accusations and stated that he was involved in journalistic activities in Russia,” Reuters said, citing the Russian state media organization TASS.

The charges received by the reporter come after Chuck Schumer, US Senate Majority Leader, and Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, issue a joint statement calling for Gershkovich’s releasenoting that the accusations he was receiving were “unfounded” and “fabricated”.

“We strongly condemn the wrongful detention of US citizen and Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, and demand the immediate release of this internationally known and respected freelance journalist,” Schumer and McConnell said in a joint statement.

Gershkovich, who is a reporter for the Moscow bureau of the Wall Street Journal, was formally arrested on March 29 by the Russian government’s Federal Security Service on suspicion of spying on behalf of the United States.

The arrest occurred in the city of Yekataterinburg after being accused of “attempting to obtain secret information” about the activities of companies in the Russian military-industrial complex.

The United States has emphatically denied these accusations. and several of Gershkovich’s colleagues have come to his defense, denying the charges.

“Mr. Gershkovich was accredited by the Russian Foreign Ministry to work as a journalist in Russia. Since his arrest, the Russian authorities have not produced any credible evidence to substantiate the fabricated charges against him,” the statement from Schumer and McConnell continued.

“Furthermore, contrary to standard diplomatic practice and likely in violation of international law, the US embassy has been denied consular access to Mr. Gershkovich.”the statement added.

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