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Virtual nomad: Running whilst touring | The USA Print


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Working while traveling can only be a dream. The digital nomad benefits from this privilege. If you too want to take advantage of it, to live freely while earning money , discover everything there is to know about the digital nomad in this article.

Digital nomad: what is it?

Digital nomad is a way of life that has conquered many professionals. It allows for great geographic freedom . It is for this reason that it is often said that the digital nomad allows you to work while traveling .

A digital nomad can work wherever he wants as long as the working conditions are met. He is not forced to work in a local. He can work at home , in a hotel, on a boat, etc.

How to become a digital nomad?

First of all, you have to choose the type of digital nomad you want to be. Then, you have to be well equipped and follow some practical advice to ensure work in digital nomadic mode.

Digital nomad: Which digital nomad do you want to be?

Three possibilities are available to you if you want to embark on the digital nomad. You can either become a freelancer, or become a self-employed web entrepreneur, or become a teleworker.

  • Become a freelancer : freelancers are professionals who excel in a specific field (website creation, video editing, writing, etc.). They get assignments they can do from anywhere. Freelancers find their assignments on freelance platforms or approach their clients directly.
  • Become a web entrepreneur : web entrepreneurs are those who create a 100% online business. Influencer marketing, the creation and management of e-commerce sites or even blogging are, for example, part of the activities of web entrepreneurs.
  • Becoming a teleworker : Those who exercise the profession by teleworking are employees of companies who have the possibility of managing their missions remotely. To become a teleworker, it is possible to request remote work from your employer or to directly seek work that is carried out entirely remotely.

Digital nomad: how to equip yourself well?

The choice of material generally depends on the craft you choose. For example, the material a developer needs will not be identical to what a writer needs. Analyze what you need to equip yourself well.

Afterwards, it is also necessary to take into account the constraints of weight, space, solidity and energy. These constraints depend on the mode of travel you want to do. A digital nomad who settles in a hotel or who travels on a sailboat will not have the same constraints as a digital nomad who travels with a backpack.

Tips for working in digital nomadic mode

Here are some tips that will be of great help to you if you want to get started in the digital nomad.

The digital nomad must be organized

Although the digital nomad offers more freedom , you still have to work if you want to earn a living . It even happens that you work non-stop if you want to get more earnings. A digital nomad who wishes to live in digital nomad mode must be disciplined enough to be able to adopt this way of life.

You can travel, but don’t neglect your work. Avoid doing too much sightseeing. Try to organize yourself by taking into account your objectives as well as the number and duration of the missions you must complete. Then see if you have a niche for sightseeing etc.

Take care of your work environment and your equipment

In nomadic digital mode, the work environment guarantees productivity and quality of tasks. So think about taking care of it. Choose a place where you can work calmly and comfortably.

Also take care of your equipment, because if you break down your computer or other during your travels or your trips, you will have a hard time dealing with the problem if you are in a city that is completely unknown to you.

Pay attention to your expenses

Combining work and travel can be a tempting idea, but still watch your spending. If you don’t measure your expenses, you will be broke quickly. Farewell to your dreams of travel, discovery, etc. You even risk losing your customers.

Before choosing a destination, also consider analyzing the course of life to predict expenses. Finally, to manage your expenses as much as possible , set a specific budget for housing, travel, shopping, etc.

Meet the digital nomads

Do you want to get started in digital nomad? You can meet digital nomads to find out more, to get advice, to see if the lifestyle suits you, etc. The Internet is probably the classic of classics if you want to meet digital nomads . You will find them on sites, forums or in groups on social networks.

Afterwards, it is also possible to meet them physically. In fact, although digital nomads are traveling workers , who travel the world, who can work from anywhere, they often cluster in specific locations.

You will find digital nomads in coworking spaces , at digital nomad conferences or even on a special digital nomad cruise ship.

Coworking spaces

The coworking spaces have WiFi and comfortable work areas, perfect for the digital nomad. They are in every major city. There are even some that have become very famous such as MOB located in Barcelona, ​​Coworking Bansko in Bulgaria or Hubud in Bali.

Conferences and events around the digital nomad

Many conferences and events around the digital nomad are organized all over the world. You will find several digital nomads there. Some of the most famous conferences and events include, for example, the Nomad Summit, Empire Retreat, Running Remote, Nomad Base Live, Digital Nomads World, etc.

Special cruise ship for the digital nomad

There are many organizers now offering cruise and travel deals for digital nomads. This is for example the case of “ Nomade Cruise ” which offers a 2-week cruise to digital nomads who wish to discover the Atlantic while working.

There are also productive retreats that bring together freelancers and web entrepreneurs for a few weeks to allow them to develop their activities or work in a calm and serene place . Among those who offer productive retreats, there is for example “Nomad House” or “Coworkastation”.

Nomadic digital professions

Do you want to get started in digital nomad? Discover below some business ideas that you can exercise while traveling.


You can create an online sales business that you can manage from anywhere in digital nomadic mode. To start this kind of project, you must choose a niche and do some market research . You have the choice between creating an e-commerce site or launching your business on a marketplace.

If you want to create your own site , you can use a SaaS solution or create your store via a CMS. If you want to sell on a marketplace, you have plenty of choice (Amazon, eBay, etc.).

You can do classic e-commerce or even dropshipping . The latter allows you to sell without having to manage stock and logistics. Note, however, that you must put in place a marketing strategy if you want your project to develop and prosper. You must promote your brand, communicate on social networks, improve your visibility on the internet, gain notoriety, etc.

digital content seller

There is a lot of digital content that you can sell online . For example, you can sell photos, videos or courses. If you opt for this option to embark on the digital nomad, you need a site or a blog.

You must also associate this site or blog with an account on social networks or on platforms such as YouTube for example. These allow you to promote the content you want to sell and to have traffic on your site.

For courses, for example, you can present a small part in a YouTube video and then leave a link in the description of the video to allow Internet users to access your site or blog and buy the entire course.


Influencers are the most famous digital nomads (see also: What are the sources of income for web influencers?). They earn their living from everywhere, promoting a product , talking about a brand, etc. More and more companies and brands are calling on them for their digital and marketing strategy .

To become an influencer , on the other hand, you need to have a good reputation. An influencer must also develop his community. Only then will he be able to influence his audience on social networks. For example, he can create a Twitter account, develop his audience and become an influencer. This is just one example. You can absolutely use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others to become an influencer and earn a living in digital nomad mode.

Community Manager

To become a community manager , you have to follow social network training, know the strategy of social media which is a hit, follow training in community management, etc. Once you have acquired the necessary basics, you can start your activity.

Your role will be to animate a community on one or more social networks, improve the notoriety and image of a brand, in short, you must be present on social networks. The community manager or social media manager must also keep watch (study of the competition, new content that makes the buzz, etc.) and must put in place strategies for the brand or the company he represents.

Web Editor

A web editor is a freelancer with a passion for writing. He must master certain points, for example natural referencing (SEO strategy). Its mission is to write articles for a site . These can be blog posts, product sheets, descriptions, buying guides or user guides, etc.

The web editor can choose a theme according to what he is passionate about, but can also write on various subjects according to his skills. He can find his assignments on freelance sites like Malt, Rédacteur.com, Fiverr, etc. To work in digital nomadic mode, he needs a good internet connection, a computer, curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.


Having a blog and monetizing it allows you to earn money online, including when traveling. It is even possible to earn passive income with a blog . However, monetizing a blog can take time. You must first create the blog by choosing a theme (travel, cooking, sport, etc.). You must then feed it and reference it to allow Internet users to find it.

When you have significant traffic, you can make the blog profitable by opting for online sales, affiliation or even paid advertising (see how to make a living with a blog). In any case, when the blog is well optimized and monetized, it is possible to combine it with another paid activity (YouTuber, editor, etc.).


Many sites allow you to find translator assignments that you can perform from anywhere. Among these sites, there are for example Talent.com, Monster, Textmaster, etc. However, you must have the appropriate equipment (helmet, computer, etc.) as well as a good command of spelling , grammar and syntax to exercise this profession.

To win more customers, remember to carry out your missions to perfection. Your satisfied customers will always call on you and also recommend you to potential customers.


The copywriter, also called designer-editor , is a professional who offers web content of impeccable editorial quality.

The content he creates then helps to boost sales , improve the image of a company , etc. Among the contents it can create, there are slogans, advertising texts, emails, newsletters, promotional articles, sales pages, etc.

SEM Manager

The SEM manager or SEM Manager is an expert in Search Engine Marketing . Its mission is to increase the notoriety and visibility of a company on search engines. To do this, it manages both natural referencing and paid referencing. It implements strategies and action plans.

He can work as an employee of a web or web marketing agency and carry out his tasks by teleworking. He can also offer his services as a freelancer. In any case, since he takes care of the visibility and notoriety of a company on the internet, especially on search engines, he can work anywhere provided he has a good internet connection, good equipment and the knowledge and skills necessary for the job.

Graphic designer

You will create posters, logos, advertising brochures, packaging, covers and others remotely using various software such as DTP software for example by becoming a graphic designer. Gone are the days when the graphic designer had fun with pencils in a room. It has become possible for this kind of professional to work from anywhere if he has the necessary equipment.

He can work as a freelancer or telecommuter. If you know how to communicate, design and if you are creative, if you have a Graphic Design BTS or a Space and Volume Communication Design BTS , you can opt for this profession and work in nomadic digital mode.

Web developer

Depending on your knowledge and skills, you can become a Backend, Frontend or Fullstack developer. Admittedly, you will generally work under the direction of a technical manager or a lead developer, but you can do your job in digital nomadic mode thanks to the evolution of technology.

You can apply directly to a job offer to start this job or offer your services on freelance sites for example. The advantage with this profession is that it is easy to find a job , even in digital nomadic mode, since almost all sectors of activity need a developer.

Online Accountant

The online chartered accountant studies the financial situation of his clients, analyzes the funds, draws up financial statements, advises his clients, seeks solutions to financial problems, manages accounting entries, etc. He can do all these missions remotely, during a trip, in short, in nomadic digital mode.

If you have a Diploma in Accounting and Management (DCG), a Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management (DSCG) or a Diploma in Chartered Accountancy (DEC), you can get started in this profession and work from anywhere. You can offer your services as a freelance accountant or as a teleworker.

Online Journalist

An online journalist generally works for a site and must supply it with editorial content. It can be photos, videos, sounds, articles, etc. It must inform in a neutral and objective manner. It must also provide reliable and verifiable information.

Like an editor, he can choose a theme depending on the area he likes to deal with (sport, law, economy, politics, culture, etc.). He can also be a generalist. In all cases, he must follow the editorial line proposed to him. Many training courses lead to this profession that you can exercise in nomadic mode.

Virtual Assistant

The missions of a virtual assistant vary depending on who recruits them. He can make calls, manage customer service, manage an agenda or email, plan events, etc.

To win your first customers , you can register on freelance sites like Upwork.com or 5euros.com. To continue to practice the profession, do what is necessary to provide quality services and also ask your customers to recommend you to some of their acquaintances.

Good to know  : Do you want to become independent and work freely? Consult our guide on the solutions to adopt to work from home. You can discover in this guide the different jobs on the Web and the traditional jobs to do at home, as well as some advice for finding a job from home.

Online Psychologist

If you have a master’s degree in psychology or a state diploma in psychological counseling, you can consider becoming an online psychologist. You just need to get a license to practice. You can then use video conferencing, online messaging, social networks and more to interact with your patients remotely.

If you are already in business, you can simply offer your customers to join you remotely. Word of mouth or a little publicity will then allow you to obtain new customers . If you are just starting out, it is advisable to create a website, a professional account on social networks, a YouTube channel and others to publicize your services and get your first customers.

Nomadic Lawyer

With the advancement of technology, a lawyer can now work in digital nomadic mode. To do this, he needs specific tools for sharing data and communicating with his customers.

In fact, to be able to practice in nomadic mode, a lawyer must guarantee the security and confidentiality of data and information. For example, he must choose an email address that allows email encryption, use a secure platform for the transfer of large data, choose reliable hosting, use videoconferencing tools, etc.


More and more coaches are offering their services in nomadic digital mode. To get started in this activity, it is better to have both a blog (or a website) and a vlog (like a YouTube channel for example). Present what you offer, how to offer it, etc.

Then propose personalized coaching offers . To win customers, start by offering free offers or services whose price defies all competition. Also improve the SEO of your blog/site and vlog.

Voice Off

Becoming a voice over allows you to earn income even while on the go. You can start by offering your voice for free, for example. When your customers come back to you to ask for your vote again, you can ask for compensation at that time.

You can also apply on sites for freelancers for example. There are several kinds of missions that may require your voice such as audioguides, audiobooks, commercials, even movie translations. You will be paid by hours of recording and the salary can range from €30 to €500 per hour depending on the project, your voice, your experiences, etc.

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