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The situation could only be controlled thanks to other attendees at the meeting.

The situation could only be controlled thanks to other attendees at the meeting.

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What seemed like a party atmosphere during a college basketball game in the United States ended up turning into a nightmare after the father of the players and one of the referees of the match will end up going to blows after a protest.

In a video posted on social networks, it can be seen how the match that was played at SportONE Parkview Fieldhouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana, said father left the stands to go down to the court and directly discuss an action with the principal.

In what seemed to be a debate talk in the middle of the youth friendly tournament, everything ended up getting out of control in a few seconds.

The father was the one who decided to take the first blow without any precaution, but later it was the referee who responded with a key, ending up throwing him to the ground.

Although for minutes they continued with blows, shoves, struggles and moreIn the end, it was other spectators of the match who ended up separating the pair, which ended with the young man’s father being expelled from the premises.

Despite the fact that the situation was close to escalating to a new level, the Fort Wayne police did not intervene and some time after the riot the party continued.

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