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Vinicius Junior, from Real Madrid, reacts during the match against Villarreal held at the De La Ceramica Stadium, on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

Vinicius Junior, from Real Madrid, reacts during the match against Villarreal held at the De La Ceramica Stadium, on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

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Seeing is believing. Now it turns out that Vinicius Jr. is a provocateur, that nobody likes him and that he has to change.

There are many who the only thing they want is to kill football. It is no longer enough for them to change the interpretation of the football rules and the grotesque VAR for the worse, now they are going against the most virtuous player in the Spanish league because he only cries out for justice.

Vinicius is a dribbler and as such he receives many fouls, but the boy also suffers a kind of harassment and he knocked down one match and another from the moment he jumped onto the field, from the moment he took the first ball and not only did they hit him but they caused him sin let nothing happen

Of course, much of the fault lies with the arbitration that does not admonish and expel as it should and LaLiga that does not close a field in which, in addition to insulting him, they even yell “monkey”, a shame.

Vinicius must be told to play despite the kicks, despite the insults, despite the provocations, despite the bad referee decisions, that would be ideal and they would even provoke him less, but beware he is human and you cannot blame him for reaction to such ignominy.

Enough of criticizing and punishing the artist and forgiving offenders over and over again, enough of the campaigns against one of the few who puts on a show and who has helped his team reach the top.

But this is not only true of Vinicius, others like Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo have already suffered it, thousands of footballers are suffering from it today in all divisions and in all countries and if it is not stopped, others will suffer in the future, if that is the case. soccer is still alive.

Every day there are fewer dribblers, every day there is less fantasy and every day the show is more boring, not only because of the coaches who want the players to be true robots, but because the different player is not taken care of, on top of receiving The kick is now criticized for being provocative.

And while the simulation should be punished, kicking a player should be doubled. Today it is easier to get a yellow card for a protest than for a foul, not to mention the hands that are horrible.

If all hands whistle, as today, more than doing justice, it is a goodbye to football, it is the sport in the hands of people who have never set foot on a field and are unaware of the spirit of this beautiful game.

Now as for penalizing fouls, mainly kicks, you have to be less permissive whatever the player, whatever the minute and whatever the team.

Now the issue of whether Vinicius is a crack or a Ballon d’Or is another. The boy, barely 22 years old, is very good, he is overflowing, assists, scores and is capable of changing a game.

Last season with Real Madrid Vini scored 22 goals, including the winner in the Champions League final.

In this he already has 11 goals, six in the league, four in the Champions League and one in the Copa del Rey.

He has a long way to go and more than being better than the rest, what matters is how much he can help his team, Real Madrid, and his national team, Brazil, and even beyond that, how much he can help football… if they let you.

This story was originally published on January 24, 2023 4:38 p.m.

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