Vinícius Jr. attacks racism again and publishes a compilation video with the most recent incidents in La Liga | The USA Print

Vinícius Jr. looks at the stands during the match against Valencia.

Vinícius Jr. looks at the stands during the match against Valencia.

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The situation experienced by the Real Madrid winger, Vinícius Jr., when he received racist chants and insults last weekend at the Mestalla stadium against Valencia, continues and this Monday he manifested himself again on social networks with a video in which he compiles the moments of harassment he has suffered as a professional footballer.

The publication on Instagram brings together more than ten episodes in which Vinícius Jr. suffers racist, classist, xenophobic attacks, among others, which he has described as “inhuman”.

In fact, together with the audiovisual, it also exposes that many of these verbal attacks come from some who are not even pointed out and exposed.

“Death wishes, hanging doll, many criminal screams… All in the books. Its continuous episodes are broadcast in various cities in Spain (and even in a television program). The proof is in the video. Now I ask: how many of those racists have had their names and photos posted on websites? I respond to ease: zero“, explains Vinicius Jr.

He later pointed out that there are many who seek to blame him to justify the reactions of the fans.

The problem is very serious and the communications no longer work. Blaming myself to justify criminal acts either. It’s not football, it’s inhuman”, he added.

the publication To date, it has accumulated more than 2.5 million likes and has almost 100,000 comments.many of them by professional teams and players.

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