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Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently spoke out about how the company was underutilizing Raquel Rodriguez.

Byron Saxton spoke with Rodriguez ahead of her championship match with Rhea Ripley last night on Raw. The former NXT Women’s Champion mentioned that she was ready for the champion, and with Dominik Mysterio excluded from the ring, there would be no one to save Ripley.

This week in Legion of RAW Russo criticized Raquel Rodríguez’s segment. He explained that it seemed like Rodríguez was reciting the exact promo that the creative team gave him. He stated that the personality of Big Mommy Cool was not shown on screen, which affected its popularity among fans.

“Bad, bad wrestling promo. This is her memorizing a promo, making sure to include everything to sound like any other wrestler. We’re not getting any personality from Raquel Rodriguez, none. It’s not her fault. I don’t blame her. I like her, I think she has good looks. But she is being given a wrestling promotion. So we’re not seeing anything. The most we’re seeing of her personality is her shooting backwards. Pose. “Literally, that’s the most we’re seeing from her.”

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio also commented on the promo, saying that what was shown on screen was not Rodriguez’s fault. “This was the writers’ fault. No one else,” he said.

Vince Russo stated that Raquel Rodríguez failed to connect with the WWE Universe

During the same conversation, Russo discussed the possible reason why Rachel Rodriguez failed to connect with fans. He claimed that the creative team was not giving him good material. The former writer felt terrible for the fighter because she was a talented performer.

“They’re not giving them anything to connect with. You have to give them something to connect with. It’s sad to see. I feel bad many times because I’m not attacking her. They ain’t putting any meat on that bone, brother.”

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