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Vince McMahon

Let it be said first of all that this is a personal opinion and that it does not have to be reciprocated by anyone, but I do believe that an exercise in self-criticism is necessary within the wwe universe.

Vince McMahon, or where to hide Triple H’s mistakes

During my tour of the United States to witness Wrestlemania 39 and everything that surrounds it, as well as RAW, NXT and SmackDownI have seen to my astonishment how little criticism there is of the work of Triple H as a booker and that everything he does is well done.

More surprising for me, was seeing the horde of people furious about the RAW post Wrestlemania Mondaywhen that RAW was booked by himself Triple H and his team, but the change of a couple of fights, let’s remember that there were two female triple threats in the show that were a new tournament to find the new rival of Bianca Belair for the title, they made everything blow up and it was all Vince’s fault.

It is curious, at least, to point out that once it was known that the attack of Brock Lesnar to Cody Rhodes was something planned by Triple H For a long time, there was a change in attitude, everything was wrong because Vince booked it, except that it was from Triple H.

Triple H’s inconsistency

Within the history of Triple H in WWE as a booker, we can affirm that almost nothing he has created has been something new since his arrival, the only thing we could talk about would be Damage CTRLwhich as we could see, was completely nothing after Wrestlemania 39, with the defeat against Trish Stratus, Lita and Becky Lynch.

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In addition to the 20 new faces he brought to the company after his arrival, only three of them were present at Wrestlemaniabeing more filler than anything else, Braun Strowman, Dakota Kai and Chelsea Green. In any other company, a failure in these economic conditions would have meant a dismissal, especially in a result-oriented society such as the United States.

We must not forget to mention the great fiasco of Bray Wyatt, who, after spending more pain than glory in the company, is neither here nor expected at the moment.

last mention its cowardly format of booking the main eventssince with Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn or Cody Rhodes, he used the same formula, interference to justify the defeat of the challenger, thus making his champion, Roman Reigns, less credible.

With this I do not mean that Vince McMahon is better than Triple H in bookeos, but that you must be fair with everything that is done and said, and it seems that one is allowed everything and the other is accused of everything, despite having created stars like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Triple H, John Cena or Roman Reigns to mention a few.

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