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Viewers of The Time Traveler’s Wife were “tormented” by a sex scene


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The viewers of The Time Traveler’s Wife were “disturbed” by a “wild” sex scene in the new series.

In episode two of the HBO drama, which is based on the book of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger, Henry (Theo James) explains to his love interest Clare (Rose Leslie) how his father discovered his time travel abilities.

In a flashback scene, 16-year-old Henry (played by Brian Altemus) uses his powers to travel back in time and perform oral sex on himself.

Young Henry (Brian Altemus) is in the middle of this when his father walks in to find two versions of his son naked on the bed.

In a review for decideMeghan O’Keefe called the moment, which also appears in Niffenegger’s book, “the most unnerving oral sex scene in television history.”

“I can’t explain why the scene is so disturbing but it will haunt me for the rest of my fucking life,” he wrote.

On social media, fans also shared their thoughts on the “wild” scene.

I had and read The Time Traveler’s Wife for many years and bravely blocked out any memory of this scene,” one tweet read.

The Time Traveler’s Wife it is truly wild,” one commenter wrote. “Jumps from an incredibly depressing scene to ‘Of course I traveled back in time to suck my dick, wouldn’t you?'”

Another Twitter user said: “THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE on HBO Max it continues to impress, apart from one eerie but brief scene (which makes some sense story-wise, despite its chill-inducing revulsion).

However, some viewers said that the clip convinced them to watch the show.

“I had no intention of seeing The Time Traveler’s Wife on HBO Max, but then I saw this clip where the main character goes back in time to give himself oral sex and now I think…maybe they have some good ideas that I should consider?” a viral tweet read.

You can read the review of The Independent on The Time Traveler’s Wife here.

The Time Traveler’s Wife continues Mondays on Sky Atlantic and Now.

Mark NT
Mark NT
Mark NT was born and raised in the India. He worked at a literary development company as a publisher. He is a creative website writer for teens and a good book reviewer.


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