VIDEO: Group of activists in Detroit erects a human “wall” to prevent the eviction of a dialysis patient from his home | The USA Print

Kathy Billingsley  residente en una de las zonas más empobrecidas de Detroit, Michigan.

Kathy Billingsley lives in one of the most impoverished areas of Detroit, Michigan.

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The human wall that activists built to prevent the eviction of a residenta dialysis patient, from his home in Detroit did not prevent it from being removed from space this Tuesday.

The Detroit News reported that yesterday Taura Brown was removed from the small house after an eviction order which had been active for more than two years.

Sheriffs and representatives from the 36th District Court went to the property on Monterey Street, around 10 am yesterday, but they were confronted by about 30 people from the Detroit Eviction Defense organization.

Footage from the protest shows officers trying to get past activists and even trying to jump on them. One of these managed to kick the back door while police officers held the protesters. Some of the protesters were beaten and held to the ground.

Brown ended up being reluctantly escorted from the house.. The patient, who has kidney problems, took the dialysis machines and some bags with her.

“We are not afraid, we are not intimidated,” Brown declared as he left the house. “I told him that I was not leaving, and I was serious. We are going to have some problems. It is fraud to tell people that you are going to give it a try and not follow your word. It is disappointing and distressing. I’m uncomfortable, but not broken,” added the woman.

Brown’s appeal of the eviction order filed in Wayne County Circuit Court was denied in October, 36th District Judge William McConico told the media.

“The court is sympathetic to all parties, and it is unfortunate when an individual is evicted, but the role of the court is to follow and enforce the laws of the stateMcConico maintained. “While the court respects the right of these individuals to protest, we do not tolerate violence. These officers had a legal order to proceed with the eviction, and any individual who physically interferes with the eviction only succeeds in inciting an altercation. There are legal ways to make their voices heard, and today’s incident was not productive,” the judge said.

The “Detroit Tiny Homes” initiative, which features the house from which Brown was evicted, is a 25-property neighborhood that seeks to benefit vulnerable citizens low income as homeless, released convicts, the elderly, among others.

Cass Community Social Services, the entity that oversees the residential development, decided not to renew Brown’s contract in January 2021 under the argument that she does not live in the place more than 50% of her time. Besides, the woman’s name appears on another residential contract in the city. In response to this allegation, the woman pointed out that she works in the other apartment complex where her boyfriend also lived.

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