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WWE has many eclectic characters on its roster, and a couple of them have alter egos. At times, Finn Balor has shown off his demonic persona, a more ferocious version of himself with a different entrance, body paint, and move set. Bray Wyatt had The Fiend, a masked version of his own inner demons, but sadly, fans never saw them face off.

There were plans for Bray Wyatt’s version of Sister Abigail to face Finn Balor’s Fiend at TLC years ago. Unfortunately, Wyatt suffered an illness and was removed from that feud along with Roman Reigns, who suffered the same affliction.

Finn Balor He made an appearance on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, where he took some time to talk about Bray Wyatt, and the match they never got to have.

Balor also spoke about the somber atmosphere that Bray Wyatt’s passing left throughout the WWE locker room.

“Yes, there was a pretty somber atmosphere in the locker room. I spent a couple of days following the news. Many of us attended a ceremony in Florida yesterday. You know, celebrating Bray’s life and unfortunately that seems to be happening too often in the business, losing people so young, but hopefully we can continue to make Bray proud. “I’m sure that’s what he would want and that’s what we intend to do in Nassau.”

“Obviously I had the opportunity to work with him a lot as Finn versus Bray, as Demon versus Bray, as Finn versus The Fiend. The only thing I’m sad we never got to was this Fiend versus Demon match and that was something we talked about at length.

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“We were hoping that would happen eventually, but you know, it won’t. The show must continue, you know, if something were to happen to me, I want you to know that I want the show to continue, and I’m sure I know Bray as well as I do, he definitely. “He wanted the show to go on and that’s what we’ve done for him.”

Bray Wyatt’s passing left many stories untold, and many that fans will never see unfold.

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