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Venezuelan Daniel Sarcos opens the doors of his home in Miami

The Venezuelan presenter Daniel Sarcos He has lived in Miami, Florida for several years, and recently opened the doors of his home in the city. The house tour is available in a new episode of ‘CLIC Inmobiliaria’, the podcast by host René Castillo.

Sarcos, also known for being the ex-husband of Chiquinquira Delgado, defines himself as passionate about interior design and it is something that can be seen when touring the property. Also He is a great collectorso the walls of the place display several of its collections.

An example is his collection of umbrellas and his two original chairs from the New York Yankees stadiumwhich they acquired through an auction.

It must be remembered that the presenter had a successful career in Venezuela, being the host of the country’s number one television program, ‘Sábado Sensacional’, and also of Miss Venezuela. He then began a fruitful career at Telemundo, where he participated in several programs until In 2018 he said goodbye permanently to the television network.

After that, he has continued to actively work, so it is not surprising that he can cover all the luxuries he has in his current home in Miami.

At the beginning of the conversation with Castillo, the presenter explains that he lived for a long time in Brickell, Florida, but at some point he stopped liking the place because it became too cosmopolitan. He began looking for a new area and came to the area south of Miami where he currently lives. “I have lived here for eight years and I have only met people in the elevator four times.”

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Their property is located in a fairly large but private building, a feature Sarcos loves. As is common in luxury buildings, it has many common areas, such as a swimming pool for example, that can be enjoyed by all residents.

A very particular characteristic of the apartment is that it can be entered from inside the building and also from the street, that is, it has two entrances.

Among all the spaces of the two-story property, the guest bathroom stands out, which It has a wall that has been signed by several of the stars who visit the place.

The rest of the property is decorated with awards received, drawings made by well-known and not-so-well-known artists, and many souvenirs from all the trips Sarcos has taken.

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