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Valencia located two of the fans who shouted racist insults against Vinícius Jr.

Valencia CF has already located two of the fans who used racist insults against the striker real MadridVinícius Jr., during the match this Sunday, which the merengue team ended up losing by the slightest difference.

The team carried out analysis of the images of the transmission of the event, and that is how they located them. They were sitting in the entertainment area of ​​Valenciajust behind the goal.

At the moment, Valencia together with its legal department, it is studying the possibility of imposing the maximum penalty on those fansand that they can never enter the Mestalla stadium again.

Likewise, the institution has acted jointly with LaLiga to identify the perpetrators of discriminatory acts that the Brazilian denounced.

During the match Vinícius Jr. denounced the abuses and was facing the Valencia stands to point out the aggressors.

Valencia highlights his position on his fight against racism, and their commitment to prevent it. He assured that it is an isolated incident.

Many world soccer personalities have expressed their support for striker Vinícius Jr., including his coach, Calo Ancelotti, who considered that the match should have been canceled after the situation.

In addition, his teammates also expressed all their support for the footballer, who has been constantly attacked with insults of this type from LaLiga

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