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Despite the fact that the talk takes place early in the day, Usun Yoon (Busan, 45 years old) has already crossed out the daily dose of sport, yoga and meditation from his routine. “I am very morning, my brain does not work well in the afternoon. When the birds get up, I get up, ”she confirms. This cosmopolitan and multilingual soul, trained in Politics and who was going to be an ambassador, nevertheless became a face as beloved as a pioneer due to her work on television nights in The intermediate. Now focusing all his efforts on his interpretive facet, he repeats in the skin of Imelda, comic counterpoint and pragmatic housekeeper in the new batch of episodes of the Movistar+ series supernormal.

K-pop, K-beauty, parasites, the squid game… How do you explain the global furor over Korean culture? It is a historical cycle that is at its peak. After the war the country began to grow and became one of the most developed. In Spain I also notice this interest… All my friends are hooked on Korean soap operas.

She said that it was normal for her to be typecast in oriental characters. Does she still think? Yes, but I am positive when seeing the new generations. There are characters who don’t have age or nationality and, although it’s still not very open, some directors want to break with it. It will change everything and I hope in a good way.

Are you more tired of racism in our industry or being asked about it? It depends on where we want to focus. For example, now the canons are changing and the protagonists are no longer young, but many are 40 or 50 years old. The interest is there. Sometimes you have to wait for one trend to end for another to start… Maybe the next one is for all foreigners! (laughs).

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Does any aspect of life in Spain remind you of Korea? The rice sausage. In Korea we have the same thing, we steam it. Like Burgos, but with vegetables. And the mountains of the Picos de Europa remind me of the city where I was born.

Does it confirm the cliché that Koreans always crave absolute perfection? It’s true. Koreans are ambitious: they dream of reaching higher, surpassing themselves and not settling into a boring routine. But it is a vital engine that can also end up consuming you. That hope has good and bad things, you have to find a balance.

In their networks it is called #BricoUsun. Is he very handy? DIY is very healthy on a mental level. It relaxes me because I don’t think about anything else, I concentrate. In my last botch I have put coverings in the bathtub because it had humidity.

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