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US offers reward for alleged Russian cybercriminal

The United States government offered this Wednesday a reward of ten million dollars for any information that leads to the arrest of an alleged Russian cybercriminal that would lead an international traffic of tens of millions of stolen credit cards.

Denis Gennadievich Kulkov has been indicted by the Brooklyn, New York United States Attorney’s Office for computer fraud and money launderingaccording to a statement from the Secret Service, in charge of the protection of US dignitaries, which worked together in this case with the Departments of Justice, Interior and Foreign Relations.

Kulkov, 43, is accused of having created a computer platform in 2005, Try2Checkwhich allows cybercriminals to check the validity of “ten million bank card numbers” stolen every year.

Is “the largest monetary reward ever offered on behalf of the Secret Service”the press release noted, specifying that Washington had collaborated with Berlin and Vienna to neutralize sites on the Try2Check platform.

The creator of the site, who lives in Russia, allegedly made about 18 million dollars in illegal profits paid in bitcoinswith which he acquired a Ferrari car and other luxury items, according to the Brooklyn Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

Kulkov theoretically faces up to 20 years in prison in the United Statesa country whose relations with Russia are at their worst moment in decades, mainly after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

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