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US investigates leaked documents on war in Ukraine

The US government is investigating the leak on social media of a series of classified war documents detailing US plans and the NATO to reinforce Ukraine’s offensive in the war against Russia.

The Pentagon is “analyzing” the publication of these documents on the social networking platforms Twitter and Telegram, The New York Times reported Thursday.

US Executive officials assured the outlet that they are working to remove the content from the platforms but have not yet succeeded.

The leaked documentsaccording to the American newspaper, contain tables of future arms deliveries, data on troop and battalion strengths, as well as military plans.

One of the documents posted online includes a table listing details of Ukrainian troop units, as well as their equipment and training, with schedules from January to April.

It provides information on 12 combat brigades that are being assembled, nine of which, the report says, are allegedly being trained and supplied by the US and its allies. NATO.

Washington on Tuesday announced a new $2.6 billion aid package for Ukraine that includes additional ammunition for the Patriot air defense system and NASAMS.

The amount includes ten laser-guided rocket systems, three video surveillance radars, rocket launchers, Javelin anti-tank missile systems and four logistics support vehicles.

Ukraine’s President Volodimir Zelensky celebrated the shipment of aid on Wednesday, assuring that it is just what his country needs.

Ukrainian military experts have stressed the importance of Ukraine receiving in time the amount of ammunition it requires to be able to successfully face the planned spring counteroffensive.

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