Úrsula Corberó’s wedding dress in ‘The Burning Body’ is from a well-known Catalan brand | Entertainment | The USA Print

Úrsula Corberó's wedding dress in 'The Burning Body' is from a well-known Catalan brand

The hit Netflix series The body on fire, which recounts the murder of Pedro Rodríguez by his partner Rosa Peral and her lover, Albert López, has revived media interest in the case. On the one hand, because of the unknowns that remained unsolved from the so-called Urban Police crime and have resurfaced with the reinterpretation of the series. On the other hand, for the way of portraying, through fiction, one of the most famous cases in the Spanish black chronicle of recent years.

Although the series seeks to create a story based on real events, there are many details that escape reality. In terms of clothing, there are garments that seek to faithfully portray reality, as is the case of the famous striped shirt that the criminal wore during the reconstruction of the murder.

Úrsula Corberó plays the role of the urban guard Rosa Peral in

Úrsula Corberó plays the role of the urban guard Rosa Peral in “The Body on Fire”

Lucia Faraig / Netflix

However, in other scenes, and despite the fact that the director seeks to outline the personality of the protagonist through this element, the series takes artistic license due to lack of information. One of them is the wedding dress that Rosa Peral wore the day she said “I do” to Rubén Carbó.

In the case of the bridal design, there is no record of the actual design worn by Rosa Peral, so the series has opted for a princess-cut dress from a well-known Catalan brand that has a wide variety of patterns and designs in its catalogue. fabrics.

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The dress in question is signed by the Rosa Clará house and is part of its 2022 Soft collection. The design, which appears in the second chapter of the series, has an original bateau neckline with woven 3D petals, gathered tulle on the bodice , princess skirt also full of tulle and a hidden opening on one of the legs.