Uriel Antuna assures that the Liga MX footballers surpass the “Europeans” who play in El Tri | The USA Print

Uriel Antuna assures that the Liga MX footballers surpass the "Europeans" who play in El Tri

Uriel Antuna assures that the Liga MX footballers surpass the "Europeans" who play in El Tri | The USA Print

The Cruz Azul Machine footballer and member of the Mexican national team, Uriel Antuna, considered that the selection of the figures that will be part of the Tri may be wrong on many occasions when asserting that some of the athletes who play in the Liga MX have a better performance on the field of play than those who are part of various teams in the best leagues in Europe.

These statements were made by the cement star during an interview with TUDN, where Antuna highlighted that this has been reflected in the return of some Mexican players to Liga MX from the old continent; took as an example the recent hirings of Jesús ‘Tecatito’ Corona with Rayados de Monterrey and Marcelo Flores with the Tigres de la UANL.

“I don’t know if it hurts or not, I can’t give a specific answer, many teams have always been a mix of European and Liga MX and sometimes those from Liga MX look better that the Europeans, I’m not saying anyone in particular, but we must all be prepared for the opportunity like the ‘Chino’ who, being in the league, arrived and scored a great goal, which makes me very happy, the opportunities arise, like when I had to make my debut. to me and I scored three goals, competition makes both the Mexican and European soccer player grow,” he expressed.

Despite these statements in which he assures that many Mexicans have a better level than the majority of their compatriots in the old continent, Antuna admitted that he would have liked to sign a contract with a team in Europe to be able to have greater sporting growth, although He didn’t have the opportunities; Antuna was part of the youth teams of Manchester City and Groningen, although he did not have the opportunity to continue his career in these clubs.

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“Everyone has their own perspective on why they returned to Mexico, in my case to the MLS and then Mexico, in my opinion, I felt that it is a maturity that you take as time goes by.I would have liked not to return to Mexico but to follow that European dream, yes, I was going to suffer, earn less, go to a smaller team, maturity is needed and I think that failed me but I am happy, I have matured well. It has been difficult for me, criticism, adaptation, but in my opinion I would not have liked to go back to watching it now, I was 21 years old, I was young, things go through your head, sometimes making hasty decisions can lead you to ruin or take off, each one must take decisions being conscious,” he added.

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