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Upper Manhattan train with the most toxic air in NY

International Magazine Scientists Atmospheric Pollution Researchpublished an article last month where they assure have found “alarming” concentrations of toxic particles in the air at New York train stops.

Of the 271 stations that were inspected, the 181st Street station of the 1 train in Upper Manhattan has the most toxic concentration in the entire city of NY. According to the data, these particles can be neurotoxic ysor inhalation is linked to autism, schizophrenia, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The research, published by the New York Post details that the stations were inspected in December 2021 and discovered that the levels of iron particles in the air of the “subway” were 126 times higher than the average that is breathed in the open air. The report details that only train station 181, has air particles 17 times higher than the daily average level of metal ions.

“Another study showed a correlation between inhalation of iron and cardiovascular diseaseshe cancer and respiratory diseases, although more research is needed on the health impacts, the NYU scientists noted,” the Post wrote.

After the 1 train stop 181 in Upper Manhattan follows, in second place, 168th Street on the 1 Line also in Upper Manhattan; then there’s Bowling Green on line 5; Broadway-Lafayette on the B line and High Street on the 3 line, details the investigation.

Masodu Ghandehari, the lead researcher, told The Post that air pollution on the platforms was highest when a train pulled into the station, kicking up microscopic particles as the metal wheels braked on the metal rails.

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