Unusual: a rare case of parasitic twin in China in a 1-year-old girl | The USA Print

The “fetus in fetus” is a very rare birth defectwhich occurs only in cases of monozygotic twin pregnancies, when one of the twins grows inside the other. About one in 500,000 newborns is affected by this anomaly, according to a study published in the Hong Kong Medical Journal in 2015.

In the case of this little girl, the parents took her to the hospital because she suffered from an enlarged head and motor problems. Doctors then discovered the fetus of his twin within his brain. Healthcare professionals explained that the fetus had developed upper limbs, bones and even fingernails, and was about 15 centimeters long. CT scans revealed that the fetus was pressed against her sister’s brain, causing a hydrocephalusan accumulation of fluid in the brain that can be responsible for an enlarged head, extreme drowsiness and epileptic seizures (source 1).

Increased risk and a delicate operation

However, doctors pointed out that the baby girl was able to survive thanks to the blood supply she shared with the fetus. The two were connected by an umbilical cord that passed through the wall of the girl’s skull and reached her twin’s fetus. Doctors surgically removed the fetus from the girl’s skull while she was hospitalized, and shared images of the scans before and after the operation in the scientific article. The little girl is doing well and is recovering well from the operation.

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