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The UN warns that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate as a result of the military clashes and it is necessary to expand the supply of aid in the country, where it is estimated that almost 40% of the population depends on this type of assistance, the Organization for Human Rights warned on Monday. the United Nations (UN).

In an appearance before the Security Council, the organization’s humanitarian chief, Martin Griffiths, explained that it is necessary to reach “more people and more often”, at a time when there is no sign that violence can reduce.

Specifically, Griffiths has drawn attention to the difficulties in bringing support to the population in areas occupied by Russia. “Humanitarian access to areas under temporary military control of the Russian Federation has become increasingly unpredictable and presents more obstacles,” said the head of the United Nations, who regretted that no agreements have been reached to charter any convoy with aid through the front lines.

Griffiths recalled that, as the first anniversary of the Russian invasion approaches, the deaths of more than 7,000 civilians have been confirmed and there are some 17.6 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. In addition, almost eight million people have fled to neighboring countries and some 5.3 million have become internally displaced, according to the organization’s data.

The head of the UN also recalled the humanitarian effort being made in Ukraine, where support has been given so far to almost 16 million people – more than 1.3 million of them in areas not controlled by Kiev – and where they are working more than 650 organizations that cover all provinces.

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The humanitarian situation was the focus of the meeting on Ukraine held this Monday at the Security Council, in which, as is customary, Russia and the Western powers exchanged all kinds of accusations once again.

The US ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has denounced the Russian attacks on basic Ukrainian infrastructure as a way of punishing civilians and has accused Russian troops of acting against organizations that provide humanitarian aid. In addition, he has once again denounced the alleged forced transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia: “it is difficult to imagine the cruelty of being forced to live in the country that killed your parents and having to repeat the propaganda that has personally caused you so much suffering.”

In response, Russia’s deputy representative to the UN, Dimitri Polianski, has stressed that of the around eight million Ukrainians who have left the country, some three million have gone to Russia. “This is not the forced deportation that our Western partners talk about. This is people who have chosen their future and who have rejected the kyiv regime,” he insisted. For the diplomat, it is the weapons that Europe and the United States provide to Ukraine that are prolonging the conflict and slowing down the prospects for peace. (Eph)

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