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Russia only managed to expand its territorial control in Ukraine by 0.39% in February

Russia has only managed to expand its territorial control over Ukraine by 0.39% during the past month of February, in which the bloodiest battles between the two sides have taken place, which have suffered significant human losses. The data has been published this Wednesday by the American media Insider, which has obtained it from the mapping carried out on Ukraine by the group of experts from the Institute for War (ISW, for its acronym in English).

According to this group of experts, the Russian Army has only managed to advance the equivalent of 233.94 square kilometers in its control of Ukrainian territory during its offensive, from January 31 to February 28. It so happens that, during that period, the “most brutal combats that cost (Russia) thousands of soldiers and vital equipment” have taken place, says the ISW.

According to Insider, this increase in conquered territory is similar to that found by another conflict monitoring group, War Mapper, which stressed that Russia managed to increase its control by 0.01% in February, which translates to about 85 square kilometers. As the ISW explained to Insider, the difference between “both numbers is very small” and may be due to a minor mapping error, but ultimately accurately represents the “limited state of Russia’s territorial gains.”

Moscow has also failed to make any notable progress in its offensive on Ukraine in March. His army has been fighting along the eastern front line, inching on the Donetsk region city of Bakhmut in what is considered one of the bloodiest and longest-running battles of the war. , but without having achieved its objectives. And their losses have been enormous, Insider stresses. (Eph)

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