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The G7 reiterates its support for Ukraine and extends sanctions on Russia

By Miguel Jimenez (Washington).

The leaders of the G7, the group of the most industrialized democratic countries in the world, met by teleconference this Friday with the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, to reiterate their support and condemnation of the Russian invasion. At the meeting, they have agreed to extend sanctions on Russia, as the United States had anticipated. They have also confirmed the creation of an Enforcement Coordination Mechanism to strengthen compliance and enforcement of sanctions.

After the conversation, they have issued a statement that begins: “One year after the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) have met with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, to reaffirm our support unwavering support to Ukraine for as long as it takes. Russia’s heinous attacks in the past 365 days have exposed the cruelty of the ongoing aggression. We condemn Russia’s illegal, unjustifiable and unprovoked war, its contempt for the United Nations (UN) Charter and its indifference to the repercussions its war is having on people around the world. We salute the heroism of the Ukrainian people in their courageous resistance. We commit to intensify our diplomatic, financial and military support to Ukraine, to increase the costs for Russia and those who support its war effort, and to continue to counter the negative impacts of war on the rest of the world, especially on the most vulnerable people.” .

According to the statement issued after the meeting, the countries pledged to adopt new measures to prevent Russia from accessing inputs that support their military and manufacturing sectors, including, among others, industrial machinery, tools, construction equipment and other technologies that Russia is exploiting to rebuild their war machine. They also agree to new sanctions on the financial sector and implement tariffs and other measures that penalize Russian products (metals, oil, natural gas…) and limit their income. The G7 adds a point that Washington had not anticipated: “Given the significant revenue Russia earns from diamond exports, we will work collectively to adopt new measures on Russian diamonds, both rough and polished,” it says.

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The statement underlines that “Russia started this war and Russia can end this war” and also points to the crimes against humanity that the allies accuse the Russian forces of having committed: “In the areas liberated from the Russian forces there is evidence of mass graves, sexual violence, torture and other atrocities”.

The G7 leaders regret Russia’s decision to suspend the implementation of the new START nuclear treaty, while warning: “We reiterate that Russia’s irresponsible nuclear rhetoric is unacceptable, and any use of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons by of Russia would have serious consequences.”

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