UEFA will return the importation of tickets to Liverpool fans after the chaos of the Champions League final | Sports| The USA Print

UEFA will return the importation of tickets to Liverpool fans after the chaos of the Champions League final |  Sports

UEFA will reimport tickets to Liverpool fans after the chaos that erupted before the start of last year’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the Stade de France in Paris. The 19,618 English fans who bought tickets through the club can make a claim after many of them were unable to access the venue due to crowds that formed outside. The Spanish team won 1-0.

Cameras recorded French police using tear gas against fans, including women and children. Although UEFA – the governing body of European soccer – initially blamed the Merseyside club’s fans, the body has apologized following the publication of an independent report.

“We have taken into account a large number of opinions expressed both publicly and privately, and we believe we have designed a system that is comprehensive and fair,” UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis said in a statement. “We value the contribution of organizations Shankly’s Spirit (SOS) and Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association (LDSA), as well as open and transparent dialogue throughout this period”. And the text continues: “We recognize the negative experiences of these fans and with this plan we will reimburse those who had bought tickets and who were the most affected by the difficulties in accessing the stadium.”

UEFA said the refund was for supporters who had tickets for gates A, B, C, X, Y and Z, which was where “the most difficult circumstances occurred.” The prices ranged between 70 and 687 euros. The two groups of Liverpool fans who spearheaded the lawsuit, CALL FOR HELP and LDSA, welcomed the announcement with a joint statement. “UEFA acknowledges its participation in the fiasco,” they stated. “But this does not excuse UEFA, does not exempt it from criticism or lessen the need for it to implement all the recommendations of the independent investigation.”

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The organization, for its part, points out that “all fans who, according to the access control data, did not enter the stadium before 9:00 p.m. [la hora originariamente prevista para el inicio] or who have not entered, will be entitled to a refund. UEFA adds that due to the ticket sales process, by which Liverpool fans bought them from the club and not directly from UEFA, UEFA has requested that the English entity implement refunds to guarantee the protection of personal data and to facilitate the process.

Finally, the rector of European football points out that Real Madrid fans and neutral supporters who meet the reimbursement criteria will be able to recover the amount through their customer service.

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