UCO: The meeting of the managing committee that was to call elections for the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation has been postponed ‘sine die’ | Soccer | Sports


The arrests of leaders of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the search carried out in the Las Rozas Football City by the UCO have paralyzed the dissolution of the managing committee scheduled for this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. This body is the one that led the federation since Luis Rubiales resigned on September 10. Then, after the Paris Games, new elections would be held for the 2024-2028 Olympic cycle. With the Civil Guard agents at the federation headquarters and waiting for the scope of the investigation, the federation has considered it appropriate to postpone sine die the meeting of the managing committee.

Pedro Rocha, president of the aforementioned management company, planned to resign and call elections for the federative presidency with the current assembly. Rocha, who was economic vice president during the Rubiales era, is currently neither investigated nor detained; he had planned to announce his candidacy for these elections after dissolving the managing committee. For this reason, on Monday he resigned as president of the Extremaduran territory.

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