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El sorteo de Powerball se lleva a cabo los lunes, miércoles y sábado a las 10:59 p.m.

The Powerball draw takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m.

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Edwin Castro, the Hispanic identified by the California Lottery as the winner of the $2,000 million Powerball, wasted no time after claiming the large sumjudging by the reports on the first investments you made with the money.

Castro bought two properties immediately after being announced as the winner of the jackpot of the raffle on November 8. One of the mansions is located in the Hollywood Hills and was acquired at a cost of $25.5 million., according to local and national media. The second, for $4 million, is located in Altadena, where the jackpot winning ticket was purchased. The property has Japanese-style architecture.

The winner of the largest prize in the history of lottery games in the United States opted for the disbursement in a single payment that resulted in the sum of $997.6 million.

Castro’s quickness to spend the money contrasts with his refusal to appear publicly.

Castro, another Hispanic identified as Urachi F. Romero, and the California Lottery are listed as Defendants in the lawsuit filed by José Rivera who alleges that the winning ticket was stolen of the multimillion-dollar sum.

The recognized winner has not made public expressions in this regard either.

On February 14, when he was announced by office officials as the lucky one, the representatives read some written statements by Castro, since he refused to participate in the press conference on the grounds that he wanted to maintain his privacy.

Rivera denounced an alleged fraud that began after buying the ticket at Joe’s Service Center on November 7.

That same day, supposedly Romero, initially named in the lawsuit as “Reggie,” he stole the ticket from the Hispanic.

Here you can read details of the lawsuit

The document does not specify how the supposed stolen ticket got into the hands of Castro.

Castro is described in unofficial reports as 30 years old and raised in The Angels.

Sources who spoke with TMZ indicated that the Hispanic comes from an “integral” family. and that he was an athlete in high school where he excelled as a baseball and soccer player. The report also highlights that he belonged to the Boy Scouts and reached the highest level (“Eagle”) in the organization.

Before becoming a millionaire, Castro was a mechanic. Besides, studied architecture at Woodbury Universityin the city of Burbank.

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