Twitter: A change in X settings for the new calling service allows users to be located | Technology


X users can be tracked if they do not modify a setting that, as of yesterday, is activated by default. Since last week, the old Twitter has offered the option to make audio and video calls. It happens that, according to several users of the social network this Sunday, having this option activated provides the IP address (a type of unique license plate for each connected device) to whoever makes the call.

Knowing a user’s IP can be used to track their approximate location, something that can be especially sensitive in dictatorships or regimes that practice political repression. It can also implicate confidants or sensitive sources in journalistic investigations.

The novelty generated discontent among many users, who complain that a change of this type is applied without prior notice and on all devices at the same time. Audio calls can only be made by users who are connected to each other (follow each other or have exchanged at least one direct message).

However, the fact that this involves exchanging the IP address (of both the sender and the recipient of the call) has encouraged many to disable the option. Users often do not know or trust everyone they interact with or have interacted with on X.

To block audio calls you have to go to the “Settings and privacy” option, click on “Privacy and security”, then on “Direct messages” and, from there, click on the “Enable audio and video calls” button, which, if it has not been touched previously, it will be activated.

X does not mention in the description of this new service whether audio and video calls are encrypted communications or not (as is the case, for example, with services such as WhatsApp). You also cannot consult with anyone at the company if they are encrypted or not, since shortly after Elon Musk bought Twitter, he fired his entire communications team (and thousands of engineers).

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