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TV3 ignores the requests and refuses to apologize for the parody with the Virgen del Rocío


The director of the “Està passant” program on TV3, Toni Soler, has refused to apologize for a parody with the Virgen del Rocío broadcast last Tuesday in his satirical space, after being asked to do so by the president of the Andalusian Government, Juana Moreno, to whom he replied: “You can wait sitting down”.

The satirical program “Està passant” on TV3, directed by the humorist Toni Soler, broadcast last Tuesday, April 4, a parody in the form of an “interview” with the actress Judit Martín, dressed as the Virgen del Rocío, with a doll in his hands that pretended to be the baby Jesus.

During the parody, the actress complained, with a marked Andalusian accent, about the showiness of the suit: “I haven’t been able to get laid properly in 200 years!”he said, before trying to flirt with one of the presenters of the program, Jair Domínguez, while Soler acknowledged that he did not know “what to say so as not to screw it up” with that topic: “We are in a minefield.”

The Chairman of the Board, Juanma Morenoin a message released today on Twitter, has assured: “Humor is one of the hallmarks of our land, but to be funny it is done with respect and affection.”

In his message, Moreno maintains that what was seen on the TV3 program is “a lack of respect for #Andalusia, and thousands of Andalusians and their traditions. I hope that to ask for forgiveness they know how to do it better “, she concludes.

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“You can wait sitting down”, Toni Soler himself replies on Twitter, thus answering the message of the Andalusian president.

The director of “Està Passant” has also replied on Twitter to the Federation of Andalusian Cultural Entities in Catalonia (FECAC), who has demanded an apology and has asked the Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC) to intervene so that TV3 “respects and restores the honor of the Virgen del Rocío”.

“And these people, How many statements have they made to ask for respect for the citizens of Catalonia and their rights?“, asks Soler in a message in response to the FECAC statement.

In fact, a collaborator of the program, Òscar Andreu, has also issued a tweet in which he assures: “Let’s say NO to giving explanations to the Spanish all the time”to which Soler has indicated: “I think it is the best summary of everything that happened.”

Last week, the program was also the cause of controversy due to another interview parody, which in this case caricatured the JxCat MEP and former minister, Clara Ponsatí, the same afternoon that she was arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra when she returned to Catalonia , which generated a barrage of criticism on social networks from pro-independence sectors, considering that it “disrespected exile”.