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First of all, it is worth remembering that it was not our authorities who freed Spanish football from Rubiales, but FIFA, with its provisional suspension for three months, then firm for three years. If it weren’t for her, perhaps he would still be there, because the CSD treated him with reverential respect. His nonsense was not sent to the TAD by orders from above. An excuse arose: once reported by the prosecutor Miguel Galán, were outside the sporting jurisdiction.

But things have happened and that is no longer the case: the current president of the CSD, Rodríguez Uribes, has transferred the case of Pedro Rocha to the TAD, who instead of doing what corresponds to a president of a management company, calling elections for the presidency (as did on the same dates in basketball), has tried to perpetuate himself by pretending to be clueless. This also took him to the Miguel Galán court, but now he has been transferred to the TAD. So? Why didn’t Juan Manuel Franco do it when he presided over the CSD, with more serious things about Rubiales? Did he have to be saved because of his socialist lineage? Keep him as a counterweight to Thebes? The correct answer is: both.

And, be careful: with his current decision, Rodríguez Uribes not only leaves off side to Juan Manuel Franco, but also to the one who held the position between them, Víctor Francos, with whom Rocha agreed to skip the first election and wait for the assembly elections, scheduled for after the summer.

Three years, three Secretaries of State from the same party and a bizarre zigzag. Before them was Irene Lozano, elevated to such dignity after she was Pedro Sánchez’s amanuensis in his Resistance Manual. She started in partnership with Rubiales, together they took more money from Tebas to allow LaLiga to resume after the pandemic, but then she quarreled with him over discussions around the Women’s Professional League… and then she stopped. And Franco came. And then Franks. And now Rodríguez Uribes, who is trying to undo a devilish sailor’s knot.

The issue is no longer Rubiales, but Pedro Rocha, his dolphin. Former economic vice president, he becomes new to each scandal and as prisoners appear among his collaborators, he throws them out with puritanical rigor.

We have an RFEF where every so often the Civil Guard enters and takes papers and people. How to debug that? The system is shielded by a mesh of regional presidents who can co-opt any character they can think of as president, each one worse than the last if we see the transition from Villar (creator of the caciquil model of mutual aid) to Rubiales. Now Rocha has been trapped there, in a squatter plan backed by a guaranteeing environment, because you cannot enter the federation by stealing; FIFA protects the autonomy of football with great zeal and when a country has tried to attack it, it has expelled it until it has been allowed to regain its autonomous command.

As we have the 2030 World Cup in sight, along with Morocco and Portugal, but with Spain as an essential piece of the board, González Uribes is right to ask for advice and help from FIFA (and UEFA) to get us out of the mess, because it is not just ours. , but also from them because of the World Cup. What is only ours is the shame of having to help us from outside again.

What can FIFA do? We have a not distant reference: Argentina, in 2015. Upon the death of Julio Grondona, president of the AFA for 35 years, there was a tough fight between two candidates, who tied at 38… in an election with 75 voters! Given such rare merit, the country went to FIFA. This appointed a local figure, Armando Pérez, president of Belgrano de Córdoba, as intervener, who piloted the situation until new elections.

Are we at that point? It seems. FIFA pending while justice has activated the tilt and a tipper of pending cases will fall on Rubiales and his fellow adventurers, an embarrassment for the country in general and for the CSD in particular, due to his complicit passivity. He has been tailgating Miguel Galán to end up asking FIFA for arnica.

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