Trump rivals campaign against his eventual arrest | The USA Print

Trump rivals campaign against his eventual arrest

Some of Donald’s potential Republican rivals Trump in the 2024 elections, they reinforced their respective candidacies this Saturday in a meeting that coincided with the announcement by the former US president that he is facing a arrest imminent.

The meeting was convened in South Carolina by the Palmetto Family organization, defender of traditional values, and included, among others, former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley or businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who have already confirmed their electoral intentions , or former Arkanas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Sen. Tim Scott, who are considering running.

On the agenda, the situation on the southern border, the crisis caused by the use of fentanyl or education on gender identity in schools, with the possibility that Trump get arrested as a backdrop.

The former Republican president (2017-2021), who assured this Saturday that he will be arrested on Tuesday and urged the public to protest to “recover” the country, is being investigated by the New York Prosecutor’s Office for paying money to the movie star for not stormy daniels to supposedly silence a sexual relationship.

“We shouldn’t pick a candidate just because he’s a Christian or a conservative. We have to make sure he’s not someone who’s tearing our country apart,” Hutchinson said in a special appeal to the evangelical community, to which he belongs.

While appearances like Haley’s focused on their own agenda, stressing among other points that Mexican cartels must be given the same treatment as the Islamic State jihadist group, Ramaswamy’s went straight to that “elephant in the room” to criticize in change to the ruling party for “using police force to arrest an opponent.”

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From the most conservative wing of the Republicans, support for Trump was also made public.

“The New York DA has done more to help you get elected president than anyone else in America today. They’re making things up that they’ve never used against anyone else. Is this the biggest thing happening in Manhattan? It’s a attempt to destroy him and everything around him,” Senator Lindsey Graham said at that meeting.

On Twitter, legislators such as the leader of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, denounced that the possible arrest is a “shameful abuse of power by a radical prosecutor” seeking “revenge policy“.

“This is what they do in communist countries to destroy their political opponents,” added Marjorie Taylor Greene, while fellow House member Matt Gaetz said it should be seen as “the pathetic partisan plot that it is.”

Trump plans to hold his first big electoral rally next weekend in Texas and today he did not stop reiterating his calls for protest: “Our enemies are trying to intimidate me. But this is my message to them: I will never give up,” he said, alleging that the other side is trying to “kill” the country.

His former vice president, Mike Pence, added today that, like many Americans, he is “baffled” by the news of his eventual arrest.

“With a giant crime wave in New York and a Republican Party that has literally dismantled the criminal justice system in that city, is that what the Manhattan District Attorney considers a priority?” he criticized.

From the Democratic Administration, the former speaker of the Lower House Nancy Pelosi spoke in a statement to emphasize that “no one is above the law” and allege that Trump’s announcement is “reckless” and encourages agitation among his followers.

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