Trish Stratus betrays Becky Lynch and costs her the women’s tag team titles on WWE RAW | #wwe #Aew | The USA Print

Trish Stratus traiciona a Becky Lynch

Tonight the Women’s Tag Team Champions Becky Lynch and Hall of Famer Lita have their first defense against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodríguez, however a unexpected incident I would change the course of the plans.

The fight for the women’s tag team championships suffers a last-minute change

After seeing last week Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodríguez earning a shot at the RAW Women’s Tag Team Championships, tonight we were supposed to see that fight but the half of the champions Lita suffered an unexpected attack backstage, That’s why Becky Lynch thought it was join forces with fellow hall of famer Trish Stratus, she replaced her friend to comply with this defense.

Trish Stratus and The Man go out to the ring to face their challengers and the bell rings, the powerful Texan dominated Becky who seemed to have trouble at first, however brute force is not enough for The Man and with his agility he manages to keep up with his opponent, Trish takes her turn to demonstrate her years of experience in the ring vs the young Liv Morgan.

The miracle girl tries to measure up to the hall of famer and can barely survive the count of 3, Raquel recovers the advantage for her team and matches the charges but it’s still not enough to take the win from anywhere until the miracle happens.

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New couple champions and an inexplicable betrayal

Raquel prevents Becky from saving Trish from the count of 3 and in this way, 1 2 3 Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodríguez become the new women’s tag team champions, after this the winners retire and Trish suddenly attacks The Man from behind. revealing to be the one who also attacked Lita, the hall of famer reveals her true colors without giving any explanation.

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