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Tricks to hide your Instagram followers

There are various functions of privacy on social networks that can be useful, but are sometimes insufficient. For example, if you want to know how to hide your followers from instagram, you will notice that there is no direct option to do it from the “Settings” of the platform. However, there are indirect alternatives that can be useful.

If you are a popular person in instagram and you don’t want others to see who’s following you, There are two options you could try to try to hide them. Although none of them are final and you won’t be able to hide all of your followers, they are the only options currently available to fix the problem.

In May 2022, instagram introduced a new feature that allows certain verified users to choose who can see all accounts listed among their followers. These people will be able to see a message that “Only (username) can see all of your followers.”. However, to access this function, you need to have previously verified your user profile. instagram.

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If you are not verified and have a public account, anyone will be able to see your list of followers. Therefore, The first step to hide your followers on Instagram is to change your account to private. This is very easy to do: just tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap the three horizontal lines at the top right and select Settings. Next, go to the section Privacy and move the switch to “Private account”.

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However, you should keep in mind that making your account private could limit the reach of your content on the networks. So, if you don’t have a close relationship with the follower you’re uncomfortable with, one option might be to block them from appearing on your follower list. If you suspect that someone is looking into who is following you, you can also block them, although you should keep in mind that this person might realize that you have blocked them.

In short, while the developers of instagram work on improving the privacy of the platform, the best option is to make your account private and block users who try to meddle in matters that do not concern themas the list of your followers.

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