Transgender community protests against the National Cinematheque for discrimination in its bathrooms

Transgender community protests against the National Cinematheque for discrimination in its bathrooms - Tomatazos

It was last September 12 when the incident occurred in the bathrooms of the National Cinematheque. Laura Glover, an activist belonging to the trans community, was a victim of gender discrimination by the venue’s security personnel. This Saturday the 16th, a protest took place at the scene; The community came together to demand an apology and to generate echo among the directors of the institution and social networks.

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It was through his profile on Laura Glover He revealed the details about the episode he experienced at the National Cinematheque, a complex always associated with diversity and acceptance. But discrimination still exists in our times and the activist took on the task of recounting how things happened:

This afternoon, I was violated by two female police officers at the Cineteca Nacional, who for a minute banged hard on the door of the women’s bathroom where I was to drag me out. When I went to the ticket office for help, I was also misgendered and ridiculed for the rubbish that was there. It is clear that people believe they can do whatever they want with us. The experience of our colleagues who, after being murdered, are systematically humiliated to the point of absurdity demonstrates this.

Lilly Téllez, senator who spoke out on the discrimination case at Cineteca Nacional.
Lilly Téllez, senator who spoke out on the discrimination case at Cineteca Nacional.

On Saturday, September 16, at 3 in the afternoon, a protest began at the Cineteca Nacional with music and performances of various kinds, with the aim of demanding an apology for Glover. Members of the trans community entered the premises’ sweet shop to extract edible products and distribute them as a protest. In addition to respect for transgender people, it is also requested that at least 30% of the Cineteca staff be made up of this part of the LGBTQ community. Other demands include free access to the trans community for one year; support and dissemination of trans cinema; among other.

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The case of Lilly Tellez

Lilly Tellez, a PAN senator, declared to the media that trans women should not use the women’s bathroom, receiving countless criticisms. own Wendy Guevaratrans girl winner of The House of the Famous, responded on the topic during a recent live network:

I don’t know who Lilly Téllez is, but let her go to the city government to see if they will listen to her, so that we don’t go into the women’s bathroom. Oh, now even on purpose, I hope they tell me where she lives so I can go and enter her house just on purpose and shit the cup really ugly, cover it, because I’m very into covering the bathrooms. Oh sisters, don’t even pay attention.

Defending the rights of the transgender community is essential to promoting equality and social justice. The transgender community faces systematic discrimination and stigmatization in many parts of the world, resulting in inequalities in areas such as education, employment, healthcare and housing. By fighting for transgender rights, we are working toward a more inclusive and respectful society in which everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination or violence.

Everyone has the fundamental right to express their gender in the way they feel most authentic and comfortable. By recognizing and respecting the gender identity of transgender people, we are promoting values ​​of dignity and respect for human diversity. In the end, fighting for the rights of the transgender community is a crucial part of the quest for a more just, inclusive and understanding society for all people, regardless of their gender identity.

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