Transformers: the awakening of the beasts, sequel to a reboot or prequel to the Michael Bay movies? – tomato

Transformers: the awakening of the beasts, sequel to a reboot or prequel to the Michael Bay movies? - tomato

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is the new project that movie theaters are waiting for this summer. However, since its foray onto the big screen, the franchise of transformers It has been full of ups and downs. The person responsible for that, was in charge of introducing the work in the cinematographic market: Michael Bay (Michael ‘Explosions’ Bay, as some ended up calling him).

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A project that started with great expectations ended up disappointing over the years. The first installment of the saga, transformers – 57%, divided the critics and the audience. Although the numbers were positive in collection, the specialized critics were not entirely satisfied with the introductory result. Fortunately, for the producers, the bottom line allowed them to gross more than US$710 million globally, according to Box Office Mojo (more than enough to continue with the project for many more years).

Five deliveries later, it would arrive bumblebee- Transformers: the awakening of the beasts, sequel to a reboot or prequel to the Michael Bay movies? - tomato95%the first film that would not be in the hands of Michael Bay, fortunately. This production would not mean a prequel for some fans of the franchise, but quite the opposite, the reboot of the universe. The movie of christina hodson and Travis Knightthe writer and director of the production, was something special that critics and audiences alike enjoyed, and more importantly, it was a departure in many ways from what Bay had built years before.

In this way, for many Transformers fans, the film would be considered as a new beginning of the cinematographic universe. But how did they come to this conclusion? There are different elements that suggest that this feature film undid the bay-verse and set one apart.

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Although there are indications that connect with the previous universe, they are more that point to a new one, such is the case of the aesthetics of the characters. While Bay (Transformers: The Last Knight – fifteen%, Ambulance – 67%) was merciless with his explosions in his feature films and shielded the robotic factions with metallic colors, Bumblebee gave us more striking concepts, not because of his warlike designs, but because of his approximation to the 1984 work. With more electric tones and more close to the original toys, the film once again captivated its community.

In addition to these visual values ​​that constitute the 2018 film, other elements that distinguish the previous productions are the contradictions that are established between each one of them. While bumblebee had arrived on Earth in a forced landing that had damaged his voice, in this “prequel” it is established that the adorable and lethal character lost it in a fight against a decepticon.

It is worth mentioning, with all this of the arrival of Bee, that the temporalities do not coincide between both “supposed” universes. At the end of the 2018 film, it is possible to appreciate the arrival of the rest of autobots to Earth, while, for Bay’s linearity of events, they were already (hidden) on the planet. Something that does not coincide at all with what is already established within the franchise. To this we must add that, according to the trailers of Transformers: Rise of the Beaststhe main villain will be Unicron, a robotic planet that consumes planets, while in Transformers: The Last KnightUnicron was the same Earth.

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If, despite everything, this does not confirm the theory, here is a more compelling fact for all the skeptics. In 2019, in New York, during the toy fair that takes place in that city, the producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed that the Bumblebee spin-off/prequel was “a new narrative universe”, according to the portal of comic book:

We had many goals [incluyendo] bringing a new set of families to the series, and that was successful; in subsequent markets it will continue to succeed in a big way.

These words confirm what many have speculated, and everything points to the fact that the new tape is part of the 2018 reboot, and not of Bay’s universe. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts hits theaters June 8, 2023.

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