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The stampede in El Salvador left 12 dead.

The stampede in El Salvador left 12 dead.

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The tragedy that shook El Salvador over the weekend when there was a stampede at a soccer stadium continues to cause pain, especially to the relatives of the 12 deceased, of whom three were buried this Monday in the cities of Ciudad Delgado and Santa Tecla.

13 kilometers from San Salvador, specifically in Ciudad Delgado, The bodies of Leslie Ferman Murcia and Néstor Alas, friends and fans of the Alianza team, were veiled this Sunday.

The bodies of both deceased were dressed in Alianza shirts but they were buried in different cemeteries in the city. In the midst of the pain caused by these losses, the relatives decided to cover the coffins with flowers.

It is important to note that Leslie Ferman Murcia, who was part of Alianza’s Barra Brava (organized group of fans), leaves a minor as an orphan. The little girl had been with her mother at the game and in the midst of the disaster, she suffered some injuries to her legs.

The third deceased of those buried this Monday, was identified as Alberto Palacios and his remains were taken to the town of Santa Tecla, more than 9 kilometers from San Salvador.

Salvadoran authorities They are still investigating the fact.without so far they have pointed to any alleged responsible party.

The death of these 12 people, which becomes the greatest sports tragedy in the Central American countryoccurred during the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Clausura tournament between Alianza and Futbolistas Asociados Santanecos (FAS).

After the incident, heThe other quarterfinal matches were suspended and it is still unknown when the suspension will be lifted and the measures that will be taken.

The Salvadoran Football Federation (Fesfut) has asked each team involved a report on what happened on Saturday.

The fact, the first of this magnitude in the history of Salvadoran soccerhas dismayed the Salvadoran population in general and has touched more strongly the lovers of national football.

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