TOXIC OLIVE OIL | 11 brands involved in the sale of olive oil “not suitable for human consumption” | The USA Print

TOXIC OLIVE OIL |  11 brands involved in the sale of olive oil "not suitable for human consumption"

Last March, the General Directorate of Public Health of the Extremadura Health Service (SES) reported that 13 brands were involved in an alleged crime against public health and fraud for the sale of alleged adulterated virgin olive oil that they sold in 5-liter bottles in markets, shops and gas stations in Extremadura and Andalusiaaccording to information provided by the consumer organization Facua.

Now, the Junta de Extremadura has confirmed to the organization that keeps 11 of the 13 brands involved in the alleged crime immobilized. The denominations that remain immobilized since last March are:

  1. The Emerald.

  2. stranded.

  3. Wild olive.

  4. Virgin of Guadiana.

  5. Gold Farm.

  6. The Andalusian Countryside.

  7. Galiaoil 2022.

  8. The abbey.

  9. Aromas Villa de Jerez.

  10. Don Jaén.

  11. Andalusian Empire.

The food alert began when the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) received a food alert specifying that companies without a health registration number and, therefore, outside of official control, were bottling oil and distributing it in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Not fit for human consumption

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After studying this complaint, it was concluded that the 13 samples of extra virgin olive oil have been classified as lampantenot fit for human consumption”.

The Extremadura Health Service has also assured that the oils withdrawn from the market were mixed with rapeseed, pomace and seed oil. The authorities have ensured that those responsible are facing a crime against public health and have reminded affected customers that they can bring the affected products and request a refund, or the acquisition of a new product that complies with the regulations.

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