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I guess you have already realized that Tom Cruise does not age. The guy has renounced the privilege of growing old and lives anchored in the seductive young man who conquered Hollywood: in his imperturbable physique, in his vigor —with those careers where time does not step on his body—, and in his desire to represent a young man 24-year-old heartthrob at 60. Time passes, but he is not getting old. Thus, at the last Cannes festival, he presented the second part of top gun with a speech and promotional images reminiscent of the mythical interview with the vampirethat film in which Cruise suffered the misfortune of being eternally young and witnessing the death and destruction of everything he loved.

However, actor Tom Cruise must have learned little on that occasion, because in his latest work he has galloped the motorcycle of Maverick, the acclaimed pilot of top gun, with the same jacket, the same aviator glasses and that hieratic gesture of a tough guy on the outside and tender on the inside. An image that is outdated no matter how much the sixties shine like a pipiolo.

”Thirty-six years after the first film, Top Gun: Maverick it’s finally here. We made it for the big screen. And we did it for you, the fans”, the actor posted on his Twitter account. A message that highlights the drama of not accepting one’s age. Thus, the guy arrived at the Cannes festival in a helicopter that he piloted himself and landed with his beautiful wax face, perfect abs under his shirt and hair as black as the mane of a thoroughbred and then, at a press conference, start a defense of the “cinema of always” and demand for the second installment of top gun a premiere of the nineties: without large platforms that eclipse his character.

”I go to the movies and I see people serving popcorn, working and having everything ready. And the truth is, I think about those people when I make movies,” he explained. It gave me a lot of tenderness to hear him speak like that, wishing to stop the passage of time. As if the new platforms did not imply teamwork or were not capable of building community or large audiences.

I love going to the movies, but in this case, I think Tom Cruise, who hasn’t worked for a major platform yet, is defending the big screen out of sheer anachronism. And so he teaches us how the furious desire not to grow old ends up turning us into subjects “from another time”, as if the present was not everyone’s time and there were some —the oldest— who had been left behind.

In those cases, when you feel that your time has passed, you can demand that Netflix disappear, that the popcorn have the aroma of your childhood or that a heartthrob from 1986 remain unchanged in 2022. However, each of those efforts will make you feel a little older, no matter how much you cover your gray hair. Youth is nothing more than changing with life and accepting its consequences.

All in all, I predict a great success for the film. Because, if they manage to sell us that he is not getting old, maybe we, who have seen so many of his movies, will dream of his vampiric ideal. But here is an elderly fan who reclaims his humanity and youth. That’s why, Maverick, I’m not buying this bike from you.


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